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New Ziflow Dashboard 2.0: Ready to Upgrade Your User Experience?
New Ziflow Dashboard 2.0: Ready to Upgrade Your User Experience?

Discover the key differences between the old experience and the new Dashboard 2.0

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We're excited to present the revamped Ziflow Dashboard 2.0, designed to refine and streamline your workflow. Enriched with cutting-edge features and an intuitive interface, this new dashboard elevates your Ziflow experience, making every interaction simpler and more efficient. In this article, we'll underline the key enhancements compared to the previous version and articulate the benefits of transitioning to this updated platform for all Ziflow users.

We wanted to inform you of an important change we have implemented in Ziflow. We have decided to replace the term Proof with Review when naming Ziflow projects.

Our dashboard now uses the term Review to align with industry standards and promote ease of understanding for users from various fields. This acknowledges the collaborative nature of the online proofing process and caters to a broader audience, including marketers, project managers, and content creators. This change reflects our dedication to improving your user experience and maintaining Ziflow's position as a top solution in the online proofing industry.


Primary differences between the old and new experience:

Here's a quick comparison between the old and the new layout.

Proofs list

The old look

Proof List Ziflow Dashboard

The new look

Review List - grid, list & expanded view Ziflow Dashboard 2.0

Create a new proof

The old look

Create a new Proof page Ziflow Dashboard

The new look

Create a new Review page Ziflow Dashboard 2.0

Proof Details

The old look

Proof Details in Ziflow Dashboard

The new look

Review Details in Dashboard 2.0


The old look

Folder View Ziflow Dashboard

The new look

Connect tab Ziflow Dashboard 2.0


The old look

Connect tab Ziflow Dashboard

The new look

Connect tab


The old look

People tab Ziflow Dashboard

The new look

People tab Ziflow Dashboard 2.0

Dashboard 2.0: What's new

Navigating the Dashboard 2.0

The new dashboard boasts a modern, refreshed interface that maximizes user productivity. Enjoy a clean and organized workspace, enabling you to focus on what matters most. The intuitive design eliminates unnecessary clutter and provides a visually appealing environment that helps you stay on top of your reviews.

Our new left-to-right layout facilitates easy navigation between the critical sections of Ziflow, making it more user-friendly.

Navigating the Dashboard 2.0
  1. Proof list - your starting point when using Ziflow. This is where you will create, manage, and organize your reviews.

  2. Connect - connect your favorite tools and apps with Ziflow Connect, our one-click and low-code integrations suite. Automatically create new reviews from file and asset storage platforms, sync review and approval with project management tools, and work directly inside Adobe CS and other creative tools.

  3. People - Ziflow's People interface is the user management center that enables admins to invite new users and guests into Ziflow. From here, they can easily edit user roles, create review groups and perform all necessary actions related to user management.

  4. Insights - monitoring a team's productivity over time is crucial for predicting possible bottlenecks, forecasting trends, and effectively managing workload and review processes - especially when projects involve multiple collaborators and many layers of review and approval.

  5. Quick add - depending on the user permissions, allows adding objects such as reviews, folders, workflow templates, intake forms, flows, users, contacts, or lite users.

  6. Global Search - search for reviews from any page within your Ziflow account. You can enter a word or a phrase, and Ziflow will search through all the fields, reviewers, custom properties, etc., of the latest review versions and display those results.

  7. Profile details and account settings - this is where a user can manage profile and account settings. The options listed under each user avatar will vary depending on the user's role assigned by the account admin.

Dashboard 2.0: Improving Information Visibility & Review Creation

The new experience offers improved visibility into critical information, helping you make decisions quickly and easily.

You have the option to choose from three different views to display your reviews. The first is the Grid view, which offers limited review details but presents them more visually. The second is the List view, which provides a comprehensive overview of each review and allows you to check through many of them on a single page quickly. Finally, there is the Expanded view, which displays the complete workflow of each review in a list format.

Switching between different Dashboard 2.0 layouts

As a user, you can adjust the folder panel's width or even hide it completely. This can help you maximize your workspace as you need it.

Folder panel in Ziflow Dashboard 2.0

Our team has implemented a new review experience that simplifies the task of adding reviews. The process of creating new reviews is now more noticeable, which facilitates the establishment of a review workflow and customization of settings.

New review layout screen in Ziflow Dashboard 2.0
  1. Select assets for review - this is where you upload the files you want to review.

  2. Brief - provide additional information about the review. The brief will be available to all invited reviewers in the Ziflow Viewer.

  3. Reviewers - configure stage settings and add reviewers according to your review workflow.

  4. Integrations - set up synchronization between Ziflow reviews and items in your connected applications.

  5. Properties - custom fields/properties that allow you to zero-in on a subset of your review library according to your preferred business and/or process views. Read more about properties in the following article.

  6. Security - adjust the review's access requirements.

  7. Settings - customize and manage the review's settings.

A more streamlined way to view the status and monitor the progress of your creative reviews

When viewing review details in flyout mode, you can switch tabs. Additionally, stage settings reflect selected options so the review owner/manager can quickly assess the current stage configuration.

Review details in Ziflow Dashboard 2.0

We have implemented an enhanced system for adding and adjusting permissions/notifications for reviewers within the workflow. What's more, there is a new workflow diagram view that helps with managing more complicated workflows.

Workflow diagram view during stage configuration in Ziflow Dashboard 2.0

Enhancements to tools and actions for managing reviews

Our platform now offers a smooth process for users to configure views and columns, allowing them to display only the necessary reviews and details. Views placement has been moved to the top bar above the review list.

Switching between different views in Ziflow Dashboard 2.0

Users can pin views to the view bar and then select which columns should be applied to that view.

Selecting column view in Ziflow Dashboard 2.0

To make folder changes, simply use the folder actions located in the folder context menu. The share folder menu is now situated in the upper right corner, showing the list of people who have been invited to view the folder or allowing you to invite new ones.

Folder actions in Ziflow Dashboard 2.0

Perform bulk editing and quick actions from anywhere

Utilize the functionality of bulk edits and quick actions, including drag-and-drop convenience. Instead of checkboxes, there are shortcuts available to select reviews.

Now, users have the option to select and group reviews they want to edit in bulk mode by using the Ctrl/Shift + left-click method.

Bulk edits in Ziflow Dashboard 2.0

Use drag and drop to create new versions or new reviews. It's the fastest way to add new assets to your workspace.

Effortlessly switch between reviews and make updates with a single click

With Dashboard 2.0, it's now easier to switch between reviewing project details and updating workflow/settings without manually saving changes. You don't have to update any changes made, as Ziflow will automatically apply any updates that have been actioned in your review.

Effortlessly switch between reviews and make updates with a single click

Changes in the Review Details panel are now automatically saved after a few seconds, so you can more easily accomplish a task in one review and quickly move on to the next task in a different review.

Ziflow Connect 2.0, our updated and easier-to-use engine for software integrations

Redesigned Menu: We've made it easier than ever to add new apps to your Ziflow ecosystem with a redesigned menu. Explore a wide range of integrations and effortlessly connect them to enhance your creative workflow.

Ziflow Connect 2.0, our updated and easier-to-use engine for software integrations

Improved New Review Flow: Experience enhanced efficiency in the New Review flow as we introduce seamless task integration. Quickly locate and associate project elements from connected apps, ensuring a streamlined review process.

Improved New Review Flow Connect 2.0

Enhanced Review Details Screen: On the Review Details screen, you'll find an enhanced details panel that provides essential project information. Access project name, status, responsible parties, and the dedicated Slack channel right from the details panel.

Integrations tab on a review level in Dashboard 2.0

Additionally, we've included a quick-link to the task itself, allowing for quick and easy task engagement.

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