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Questions & Answers

Most commonly asked questions among Ziflow customers.

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What are the Character Limits for the Different Types of Proof Property Fields Supported by Ziflow?Character limits for proof property fields.
How Do I Cancel My Subscription/Delete My Account?Cancel Ziflow subscription / delete account.
ZiflowAI FAQFrequently Asked Questions related to ZiflowAI.
How Do I Change My Email Address?Changing your account email address.
Is There a Maximum Number of Assets That Can Be Placed in a Batch Proof?Number of assets that can be placed in batch proof.
I cannot find my proofs! Can you please guide me on how to retrieve them?Learn how to restore proofs that were deleted or displayed archived reviews.
How Do I Convert a Guest Into a User?Converting guests into users.
How to opt-in for the Ziflow Viewer?Quick guide on how to switch on the new Ziflow Viewer.
How to start using the new Ziflow Dashboard 2.0?Discover how to activate the latest Dashboard 2.0 feature within your account.
New Ziflow Dashboard 2.0: Ready to Upgrade Your User Experience?Discover the key differences between the old experience and the new Dashboard 2.0
How Can I Use the Vector-Based Text Feature for Better Proof Quality?How to improve quality level of text when reviewing static proofs, no matter the zoom level.
How Do I Convert a User Into a Guest?Converting users into guests.
What is the difference between the "Created Date" and the "First Version Created Date" fields?
Can proof public URLs can be found in Google search results?Learn if proof public URLs are indexed in Google search results.
How to find a tenant ID of your Ziflow account?This short article explains how to find Ziflow tenant identifier.
How can I resend a Ziflow user invitation?Discover how to resend an invitation email to a user who needs to join a Ziflow account.
What are the access limits on proofs in Free plans?Understanding Proof Access Limits in Free Plans
How to unsubscribe from Ziflow emails?Learn how to unsubscribe from all Ziflow emails and notifications.
How to update notification preferences for reviewers while creating a proof?Learn how to set notification preferences for reviewers when creating new proofs.
How do I delete a proof version in the middle of a proof?​Learn how to delete a proof version existing in the middle of a multi-version proof.