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How to opt-in for the Ziflow Viewer?
How to opt-in for the Ziflow Viewer?

Quick guide on how to switch on the new Ziflow Viewer.

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This guide will explain how to switch from the old Legacy Proof Viewer to a new Ziflow Viewer. Due to Legacy Proof Viewer Deprecation, we suggest Ziflow admins enable Ziflow Viewer before the final deprecation date.

Before disabling Legacy Proof Viewer, we suggest notifying your users & reviewers about the upcoming changes and letting them know where to find information about the new Ziflow Viewer.

Just so you know, only users who can access Ziflow settings (admins) can perform this change.

Enabling the Ziflow Viewer

You can start by opening your account settings from the Ziflow dashboard level.

Openning account settings in Ziflow

Once you're in the account settings, please go to Proofing Settings and the Proof Viewer tab.

Proof Viewer settings in Ziflow account settings

Inside the Proof Viewer settings, there is a section called New Viewer. Please enable the three first options to start using the Ziflow Viewer for every type of asset.

The last thing is forbidding users to switch between Viewer versions. When you're done with all changes, settings should look like this:

New Viewer settings

Once these changes have been confirmed and these settings take effect, you will have migrated your users to the Ziflow Viewer, and removed their access to the Legacy Proof Viewer. That's it—as far as your company is concerned, the deprecation of the Legacy Proof Viewer is complete, and your users will now be using the most up-to-date version of Ziflow's software.

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