Legacy Proof Viewer Deprecation

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We wanted to let you know about an upcoming change to our platform. After years of evolving, Ziflow is at the point where Legacy Proof Viewer can no longer handle all of our features. So this year, we plan to depreciate our Legacy Proof Viewer. It was originally expected for this change will take to take place on 29 September. It has, however, been delayed until further notice.

Why is Legacy Proof Viewer Being Deprecated?

Our goal at Ziflow is to provide the best possible experience for our users. To do that, we regularly evaluate our platform to identify opportunities for improvement. We believe that the Ziflow Viewer offers far more value to our users than the Legacy Proof Viewer. A more robust back-end architecture, updated features, and an improved UI are just a few of the larger benefits available with the new Viewer. Therefore, we have decided to sunset the Legacy Proof Viewer and migrate all users into a single high-tech solution.

What Does This Mean for You?

If you are currently using the Legacy Proof Viewer, this means that it will no longer be available. In preparation for this change, we strongly recommend you review your use of Legacy Proof Viewer and make any necessary updates to your workflow.

We also prepared a short guide for Ziflow admins on opting in for the Ziflow Viewer.

With this change, we want to ensure that all Ziflow customers can benefit from all the fantastic features we were and will be working on. By using the new Ziflow Viewer, your reviewers will have access to many improvements compared to the old Legacy Proof Viewer. Here's the list, including some of them:

How to Get Help?

We're proud of Ziflow Viewer and want all of our customers to take advantage of it. If you'd like to know more about Ziflow Viewer and how to start using it, we'd like to invite you to read the Ziflow Viewer collection, where all details about this part of our platform can be found.

Still, we know this is a disruptive change, and we want to help with the transition in any way we can. Our support team is available to help you with this process and answer any questions you may have.

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