Summary: In Ziflow, you can now create proofs containing different assets across all supported media types (videos, audio, images, documents, websites, rich media). It is handy when you want to have a project that consists of two or more different asset types, e.g., live website & PDF.

Available for: This feature is available only on the Enterprise edition.

This article consists of two parts:

  1. Creating proofs with different asset types

  2. Reviewing proofs with different asset types

Creating proofs with different asset types

When creating a new proof, you may merge different file types into one proof (you can also upload multiple files of the same kind, e.g., two videos or websites). The process of uploading files works the same as it used to - you can drag & drop project files to Ziflow or select them from your system file selector.

Once your files are uploaded into Ziflow, please do not forget to select the Combined proof setting - this way, you decide to merge files into a single asset. You can also leave the files as separate assets (this option will create a proof from each file separately).

This concludes the proof creation part. If you want to know more about proof creation, please read a detailed guide on how to create proofs in Ziflow.

Reviewing proofs with different asset types

Once you successfully create a proof and reviewers receive their proof invitation, the review process in the Ziflow Viewer will begin. In general, the whole experience around proofreading such a combined file doesn't change much compared to a one-file proof.

The only difference is that reviewers will need to switch between separate files using a widget added for this purpose to the Ziflow Viewer:

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