Proof Rich Media assets in Ziflow (Dashboard 2.0)

Learn how Ziflow can help you with to proof HTML5 assets and what tools to use for it.

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Summary: Ziflow allows you to upload & review Rich Media assets (HTML5).

Where is the feature applied? While creating a new proof, simply select a ZIP file containing a Rich Media asset. Read more about how ZIP should be structured to be supported by Ziflow.

Uploading Rich Media asset to Ziflow

You can also combine multiple Rich Media assets into a single proof using a combined setting while creating a new proof.

Combine multiple Rich Media assets into a single proof

Proofing a Rich Media

Once a Rich Media proof has been created, you can enter the Ziflow Viewer to begin the approval process. You'll notice a small bar at the top of the Ziflow Viewer where you can find some useful tools that help review uploaded assets.

Reviewing a Rich Media proof

  1. Asset resolution - this option allows you to display the proof in other screen resolutions to see how the asset looks on other devices. There are over a dozen different options to choose from.

  2. Change orientation - rotates proof orientation according to the selected resolution. This feature works only if you switch resolution from your default browser resolution to some custom value selected from the asset resolution picker.

  3. Interactive/panning mode - allows you to switch between interactive and panning modes. When the arrow button is blue, then the interactive mode is on. It means that you can browse the proof as a normal website (play videos, interact with all the content). If you draw a markup or use any other proofing tool, the proof will remain in the panning mode, and browsing won’t be possible (the interactive mode button will be greyed out). You can start browsing the proof once the interactive mode is switched back on.

  4. Refresh - reloads the whole proof to the initial HTTPS address.

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