Batch Review (Dashboard 2.0)

Create proofs using various file types in a single project.

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Summary: In Ziflow, you can create proofs containing different assets across all supported media types (videos, audio, images, documents, websites, and rich media). It is handy when reviewing a project comprising two or more asset types, e.g., live website & PDF.

Available for: This feature is available only on the Enterprise edition.

This article consists of two parts:

Creating proofs with different asset types

When creating a new review, you may merge different file types into one review (you can also upload multiple files of the same kind, e.g., two videos or websites). The process of uploading files works the same as it used to - you can drag & drop project files to Ziflow or select them from your system file selector.

Creating proofs with different asset types in Ziflow

Once your files are uploaded into Ziflow, please do not forget to select the Combined proof setting. This way, you can merge files into a single review. You can also leave the files as separate assets (this option will create a review from each file separately).

Combined review setting in Ziflow

This concludes the review creation part. If you want to know more about review creation, please read a detailed guide on creating a new review.

Changing asset names for combined proofs

We have developed a feature in Ziflow that allows users to modify the names of uploaded assets in multi-asset type campaigns. This is particularly useful when reviewers are presented with numerous assets in a batch proof and struggle to understand the relevance of each asset in the Ziflow Viewer.

The proof below consists of four assets that have been merged together, including a few PDFs, a single video file, and two websites. The proof name, marked with a yellow highlight, was derived from the first uploaded file and can be changed if necessary. To rename the proof, simply click on the proof name and change it according to your needs.

Additionally, when creating a new proof, you can rename and reorder specific types of assets as you upload them.

When a proof is opened in the Ziflow Viewer, reviewers can easily navigate through uploaded documents and know which asset they are viewing.

If you need to edit the name of an asset on a proof that has already been created, simply open the proof details, navigate to the assets section, and update the names as needed.

When multiple assets are included in a proof, each comment specifies the asset to which it pertains. This helps reviewers understand the context of the comment.

Reviewing proofs with different asset types

Once you successfully create a proof and reviewers receive their invitations, the review process in the Ziflow Viewer will begin. In general, the whole experience around proofreading such a combined proof doesn't change much compared to a one-file review.

The only difference is that reviewers will need to switch between separate assets using a widget added for this purpose to the Ziflow Viewer:

Reviewing proofs with different asset types in Ziflow

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