Video Watermark in Ziflow

Add watermark to video assets uploaded in Ziflow account.

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Summary: The watermark feature in Ziflow puts you in control of your proofing process like never before. You can easily add watermarks to your video proofs, providing an extra layer of security and customization to your creative assets.

Available on: Enterprise edition only.

How do you turn on watermarks in your account?

The video watermark can be enabled by any Ziflow administrator. To access this option, go to your account settings, click on Proofing settings, and select Video watermark.

Video watermark in Ziflow

Once you're at the Video watermark settings menu, you can adjust the appearance of your watermark stamp with a few options. We offer the option of uploading a watermark in .jpeg, .png, or .bmp format or adding text. You can also easily customize the position and opacity of your watermark.

Video watermark in Ziflow

If a video is uploaded with the toggle set to “on”, this asset will display with the specified watermark to users in the Ziflow Viewer for the life of the asset. If the video is uploaded with the toggle set to “off”, no watermark will be displayed on the video. The original file does not get altered, so it's recommended to also disable file downloading for extra security on your video assets.

How does the watermark look from the reviewer's perspective?

When a video proof with a watermark enabled is opened inside Proof Viewer, reviewers will notice a watermark image over the proof image.

Video watermark in Ziflow

Additional information:

  • Enabling the watermark feature will apply a watermark stamp to all newly created video proofs in your Ziflow account.

  • Watermark is currently available only for video files.

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