Proof subscriptions

Allow anyone to subscribe to the proof and make comments and/or decisions.

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Summary: With a proof subscription enabled on a proof level, reviewers can add themselves to the proof. Depending on the options selected during proof creation, those reviewers can comment & make decisions.

This article outlines how described functionality appears and operates in the old layout. If you are using Dashboard 2.0, please refer to the corresponding article in the Help Center.

Available for: Standard, Pro, Business Legacy & Enterprise editions

How to enable proof subscriptions?

Proof creators may enable the proof subscription setting while creating a new proof (under the Proof settings section).

Enable proof subscription setting on proof level

When the setting is enabled, you may choose which permissions (comment, comment & make decisions) should be assigned for auto-added reviewers.

Proof subscription permissions

The proof owner can also decide to which stage those reviewers should be added:

Proof subscription stage settings

Reviewers can be added to the first stage, last stage, or a new subscriber's stage (the last option is available just for the Enterprise edition).

How reviewers can subscribe to proofs.

To let reviewers subscribe to the proof, they have to access it using a public URL that can be copied directly from the Proof Details page within Ziflow.

Proof owners or managers should copy the public URL and then share it with anyone wanting to collaborate on a particular project.

Copying a public URL from proof details page in Ziflow

When a reviewer opens a proof using the public URL, they can add comments or submit a decision depending on the proof subscribe setting chosen by the proof creator.

Reviewer is asked to authenticate after submitting the decision on a proof

Ziflow users have to sign in to add comments or make decisions. Users may sign in right after opening a proof or authenticate using their Ziflow credentials after adding a comment or submitting a decision.

Ziflow user subscribes to the proof using credentials

If a public URL is shared with a guest contact (reviewer without a Ziflow account), then the reviewer, after adding a comment or submitting a decision, is asked to confirm their name & email address.

Guest reviewer subscribes to a proof using token notification from Ziflow

When reviewers auto-subscribe to the proof, they will receive an email notification about being added to that proof.

Ziflow email notification about proof being started

Auto-subscribed reviewers will also appear under proof details when they're added to the stage selected during proof configuration.

Reviewer who subscribed to the proof is listed under proof details page

Additional information:

  • Please note that the proof subscriptions feature respects the Allow sharing proof with setting inside the General account settings. This means that Ziflow administrators can decide who exactly can subscribe to proofs with the proof subscription feature.

    Allow sharing proof with setting in Ziflow

  • Proof security setting can also limit who can subscribe to the proof. If you select the Users only option, then guest reviewers won't be able to subscribe to such proof.

    Proof security settings
  • Reviewers who open proof with a public URL don't need to subscribe if they simply want to export comments to PDF or download the proof original files.

    export comments to PDF or download original file while using public URL

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