Manually Locking and Unlocking Proofs (Dashboard 2.0)

Lock the proofs if needed so no further comments or decisions can be made or changed.

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Summary: If needed, proofs can be manually locked or unlocked at any time, preventing any further action (adding comments or decisions) taken on a review. The only people able to lock/unlock reviews are proof owners or managers.

By default, review owners are given full permissions. The proof owner can also assign the Manage role to any reviewer that is a registered user in their account.

Reviewer with mange permissions in Ziflow

How does it work?

You can manually lock and unlock the proof by clicking on the padlock icon in the following locations:

  1. From the Proof Details page

    Locking a review from the Review Details level in Ziflow

  2. Single proof action upon right click on a proof in the dashboard

    Single review action upon right click on a review in the dashboard

  3. Bulk actions menu on the dashboard

    Lock review using bulk actions menu

  4. Inside the Ziflow Viewer

    Locking proof from Ziflow Viewer level

When you lock a proof, it will...

  • Prevent any comments & replies from being added.

  • Prevent any amendments or uploads to any existing comments or replies.

  • Prevent any previously deleted comments or replies from being restored.

  • Prevent decisions from being submitted, revoked, or changed.

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