Proof Activity and Messages Log (Dashboard 2.0)

View a full-time-stamped summary of all activity on a proof, including comments, replies, reviewer access history, and more.

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Summary: As all industries move towards common compliance standards, retaining detailed activity on work becomes increasingly essential for every business. Our customers often proof content that is not yet public and need to show they've followed their policies during the review and approval process.

To this end, we've extended the proof activity section to capture all changes and actions. Now you'll see exactly who changed the review and when.

Our Enterprise clients can also see a list of all the messages and notifications sent throughout the review and approval process. As a proofowner, manager, or Ziflow administrator, you can see the timeline and content of all the notifications sent to each reviewer.

Available for: Administrators, managers, and users with access to the proof. This feature is available on all editions. However, the range of the activity log depends on the Ziflow edition.

Proof activity audit trail available for:


3 months


12 months




Where is the feature setup? Once you enter the proof details page, scroll down, and you will notice the activity log and messages at the bottom of the page.

In the Activity section, you can view the history of proof events. Additionally, the Emails section shows all the emails sent while working on a proof.

Review activity and emails log in Ziflow

Features outlined in this document:

Basic activity log

Basic, Starter Legacy, Standard, Business Legacy, Pro & Enterprise editions register a variety of events:

  • Proof creation / Proofcreation (from a template)

  • New version creation / New version creation (from a template)

  • Proof ready for review (proof finished processing)

  • User submitted a decision / User submitted a decision for different user

  • User changed a decision / User changed a decision for a different user

  • User finished a proof/ User finished a prooffor a different user

  • User changed a proof status / User changed a proof status for a different user

  • User reacted to a comment

  • Bulk download (proof original file)

  • Final decision is calculated

  • Proof status changed

  • Proof is archived/manually archived

  • Proof is unarchived

Advanced activity log

Enterprise edition shows all events listed above and:

  • Proof opened for the first time by reviewer

  • Reviewer added a comment

  • Reviewer replied to a comment

  • User/reviewer edited a comment

  • User/reviewer edited a reply

  • User/reviewer liked a comment

  • User/reviewer labelled a comment

  • User resolved a comment

  • User deleted a comment

  • User deleted a reply

  • User restored a comment

  • User restored a reply

  • Stage decision is calculated

  • Stage decision is changed

  • Proof settings changed

  • Stage settings changed

  • Reviewer added

  • Reviewer removed

  • Reviewer settings changed (permissions)

  • Reviewer notification settings changed

  • Deadline change

  • User/system locked a stage

  • User unlocked a stage

  • Stage started

  • Stage name updated

  • Deadline passed

  • Proof locked/unlocked

  • New version of the proof created

  • Download original file

  • Comments exported

  • Proof name updated

  • Proof moved from a folder

  • Proof deleted

  • Proof is signed with an electronic signature

  • Custom properties changed

  • User reopened a comment

  • User removed label from a comment

Messages Log

You can access the messages log on the Free, Standard, Pro, Business Legacy& Enterprise editions. It allows you to check exactly what notifications were sent to whom and when.

Messages Log details in Ziflow

The Free, Standard, Pro, Business Legacy& Enterprise editions show these types of messages:

  • New Proof /Version created

  • New Proof /Proof Version to review

  • Stage started

  • Proof reminder

  • Deadline reminder

Enterprise edition shows items listed above and:

  • Hourly digest

  • Daily digest

  • Proof decision calculated

  • New comment/reply

  • Comment labeled

  • Comment resolved/unresolved

  • @mention

  • Comment/reply updated

  • New decision

  • Verification code

If you click on a specific notification, you can see exactly what the email looks like.

Preview of email notifications from messages log in Ziflow

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