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Comment Reactions in Ziflow Viewer
Comment Reactions in Ziflow Viewer

React to comments and express Yourself with Ziflow's new Comment Reactions.

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Summary: We're excited to announce a new feature in Ziflow that allows you to add reactions to comments. With this feature, you can now easily respond to comments with a quick Like, Verified, Insightful, or Rejected emoji.

Comment reactions in Ziflow

Reactions are a great way to show your support for a comment, express agreement or disagreement, or simply acknowledge that you've seen it. They're also a fun and easy way to add a bit of personality and emotion to your conversations.

Available for: Any reviewer with Comment permissions on all Ziflow editions.

Adding comment reactions.

Adding reactions is simple and easy. To add a reaction, hover over a comment and click the reaction button. You'll see a list of available emojis to choose from, and you can select the one that best fits your response.

Adding comment reactions in Ziflow Viewer

We hope that this new feature will make it even easier and more enjoyable to communicate with others.

Adding Comment reactions in Ziflow

Please note that Comment Reactions are not included in automatic emails sent by Ziflow.

Comment reactions while Exporting comments to PDF.

Added comment reactions will be also shown under comments while exporting comments to PDF.

Export comments to PDF with comment reactions

If you're a Ziflow administrator and want to enable/disable specific reactions in your account, please open the Comments settings and adjust reactions according to your needs.

Comment reactions in the activity log.

Proof owners/managers can also see comment reactions in the proof activity log when they view proof details.

Comment reactions in the activity log.

Comment reactions filters in the Ziflow Viewer.

Some reviewers may also need to filter comments/replies with specific reactions. That's where the comments reactions filter comes in handy.

Comment reactions filters in the Ziflow Viewer.

With the following filter applied to the comment list, reviewers will be able to display only comments/replies that they are looking for in terms of specific comment reactions.

Applying comment reactions filter on a comment list in the Ziflow Viewer

Adding comment reactions to locked stages.

By default, reviewers are not allowed to post/edit their comment reactions when their stage or whole proof is locked. When stage/proof is locked, the React button will be disabled, and already-added reactions will be greyed out.

Adding comment reactions to locked stages.

Ziflow administrators can adjust this mechanism and, if needed, change a setting responsible for blocking reviewers from adding new comments. If you're a Ziflow admin, please check to this article for more information.

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