Creating and Sharing Folders

Easily create and manage folders & subfolders to keep projects organized.

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Summary: The proof list may contain hundreds or even thousands of proofs on different accounts. That's why it's vital to have an organizational system to locate proofs/files quickly. Creating a folder hierarchy is a highly effective way to stay organized. Folders can be shared among other Ziflow users, so collaborating is easier when working on some proofing projects.

Available for: Business and Enterprise editions

Features outlined in this article:

Folder management

The folder feature is located in the menu to the left of the proof list. If you click on Folders, it will display a list of all the folders that have been created.

Folders in Ziflow dashboard

Once you open a folder in the right upper corner, you'll be presented with five options:

Folder actions in Ziflow
  • Open folder

  • Edit folder

  • Clone folder

  • Archive folder

  • Delete folder

How do I create a folder?

The folder creation button is located near the Create Proof button in the upper right corner.

Create folders options in Ziflow
  1. Choose the folder name.

  2. Choose the folder location:

    • A user can set up a top-level folder, which would be displayed right after entering Folders.

    • A folder can also be nested under a folder, making this a sub-folder.

  3. Sharing settings:

    • Allow to create proof in the folder - decide if users with folder access should have rights to create new proofs within a folder.

    • Allow to view and manage all proofs - decide if users with folder access should have manage rights.

    • Make this folder private. - If the box is left blank, all Ziflow users will be able to create proofs in that folder by default. However, they will not be able to view the folder's contents if they are not shared with them. If the box is checked, the folder creator, administrators, and the people with whom the folder is shared are the only ones who can see the folder.

  4. Share with: use this field to invite users to the folder. You can also decide if users should get a notification with the folder invitation.

    Share email notification in Ziflow
  5. Who has access: displays all the people who have access to the folder. Each user invited to the folder can be granted specific folder permissions. You can also delete users from the list using the trash icon near the listed profile.

  6. Shareable link: share the folder with others using a shareable URL. Read more about the Shareable link feature.

Moving proofs to folders

The proof creator may insert the proof into a folder during proof configuration by clicking on the folder button and choosing the location.

Folder button on a proof level

If proof wasn't placed in a folder during the creation process, it could still be moved by the proof owner or manager by using a bulk actions menu and selecting the proof location.

Moving proofs to folders in Ziflow

Folder shareable link

With a shareable folder link, you can allow users or guest reviewers to view assets placed within a specific folder. This option lets you quickly share a set of assets placed in a folder by sending a link to anyone who needs access.

When you open the Share folder settings, you'll see a Shareable link section that allows you to select what type of access restriction should be applied and then copy generated URL.

Folder shareable link in Ziflow

There are three types of URL restrictions that may be applied depending on what you want the URL to work like:

Folder shareable URL restrictions in Ziflow
  1. Restricted: Only users who were invited to the folder can access it with a link.

  2. Public: Anyone (registered user or not) can view assets placed inside the folder. If a particular proof security setting is enabled then, reviewers will need to sign in in order to view that proof.

  3. Disabled: Shareable link won't allow opening the folder.

Contacts who open the link will be redirected to Ziflow Viewer, where they can view assets placed within the folder:

Open Ziflow shareable link to a folder in browser

When a shareable link is opened by a contact invited to proofs in the folder, they can comment or submit decisions on proofs located in it (depending on rights given on proof level).

If proofs weren't specifically shared with someone, they can only view assets but won't be able to add comments or submit decisions. To let them comment and add decisions, they need to be invited to each proof.

Sign in to Ziflow Viewer to add comments and submit decisions

Folders that are shared with a link (public setting selected) are marked with a special icon, so it is easier to identify folders to which a link was shared:

Shareable icon near folders

Please note that the security level of proofs affects whether it can be viewed through a shareable link. In order to allow reviewers to view proofs, authentication should not be required for Users and Guests.

Ability to sort proofs in a folder shared via a shareable URL

When opening a folder with a shareable link, reviewers may decide how proofs in that folder should be sorted. Users can arrange the proofs in the folder alphabetically by Name (A to Z / Z to A), in addition to by Date Created (newest / oldest).

Sorting proofs when folder is opened via shareable link

Additional Information:

  • If a user decides to delete a folder, Ziflow will ask what should be done with sub-folders/proofs inside of it.

  • Please note that folders can be deleted only by folder owners/creators or users with manager or admin rights.

  • Shared folders have a special icon near the name, so it is easier to see that the folder has been shared (with users or shared using a shareable link). Once you click the icon, it will expand a list with the users whom the folder is shared with. You can also open "Sharing settings" and view/edit folder details.

    Preview reviewers added to a folder

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