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Custom Permissions for User and Manager Roles
Custom Permissions for User and Manager Roles

Allows administrators to edit user and manager permissions

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Summary: Given the complexities of today's creative review and approval workflows, many organizations need fine-grained permissions for users beyond what is provided in Ziflow's default options.

To accommodate the need, we've added settings to customize permissions on the most requested objects and pages.

Available for: Administrators on the Enterprise Edition only.

Where is the feature setup? The user and manager permissions menu is located inside the account settings.

Customize proof, folder, people, templates settings for Ziflow users

How does it work?

Once you click on the Permissions tab, you will find an editable user/manager permission table. By enabling or disabling permissions, you can manage exactly what those roles will be allowed to do in Ziflow.

At the top of the permissions table is a drop-down where you can switch between user and manager roles.

You can also disable or enable other features in Ziflow, such as Zibots and Insights.

You can customize user and manager permissions in Enterprise Ziflow settings

Please note that after making edits in the permissions table, you will be asked to save the applied changes:

Save changes after editing user and manager custom permissions in Ziflow settings

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