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Start using Mosaic in Ziflow to manage and review sets of proofs
Start using Mosaic in Ziflow to manage and review sets of proofs

Learn how to start using Mosaic project capabilities to help review assets in groups.

Updated yesterday

During our Spring 2024 Product Release Webinar, we announced Project Mosaic.

Project Mosaic is a set of product enhancements and features that aim to streamline your creative-ops flow for collections of assets, across internal and external reviews.

If you're interested in joining the Project Mosaic Early Access Program, please visit this article and sign up for it.

Where to find the Mosaic functionalities?

Project Mosaic relies on Ziflow folder functionalities, specifically on the folder-shareable link feature.

The folder's shareable link allows users or guest reviewers to view proofs placed within a specific folder. This feature lets you quickly share a set of proofs placed in a folder by sending a link to anyone who needs access.

How do you open a new folder view?

Once you copy a link and open it in your browser, you'll see the folder's contents, including all the proofs you have access to. To switch between the traditional folder view and the new project mosaic display mode, click the badge in the upper right corner.

What's important to know about the new folder view?

Quick overview of what can be found inside the new folder view:

  1. Folder view mode - select your preferred mode for viewing proofs. There are two modes to choose from: gallery view and board view. You can read more details about the gallery & board view in the next paragraph.

  2. Default sorting - choose how proofs should be sorted in your folder view. You can sort them by creation date or name.

  3. New badge - this badge indicates that it is a new proof that hasn't been opened yet.

  4. Locked badge - the icon that shows locked proofs that cannot be commented on or decisions that cannot be submitted any more.

  5. Proof details - shows some basic proof details such as proof creation date and proof name.

  6. Proof status - current proof status.

  7. Multi-stage proof status - if a proof consists of many stages, upon clicking on them, the system will show all the stages' names with their corresponding status.

Gallery View and Board View

The Gallery View displays all proof thumbnails in a row, with each thumbnail set to the same ratio. Clicking on a specific proof will open the asset in the Ziflow Viewer. From there, you can start reviewing proofs, adding annotations or comments, and submitting your decisions.

You can also switch between proofs by selecting assets from the left-side thumbnail window. Additionally, you can adjust the width of this side window using the drag-and-drop method to change how the proofs are displayed.

The Board View displays all proofs and their uploaded assets on a single screen. This mode is ideal for those who want to see all proof assets in one place and decide which ones to review first.

To open and review a proof, double-click on its name or image. This will display the proof in the Ziflow Viewer, where you can annotate it or submit your decision.

Reviewers can also rearrange the position of proofs on a board to suit their preferences. To do this, they can use a drag-and-drop method: simply click and hold the left mouse button on a proof image, then drag it to the desired location.

Troubleshooting around project Mosaic

Here are some common issues that reviewers may notice when working with project Mosaic functionalities.

No publicly available assets

If the folder shareable link has the Restricted setting enabled and the folder is not specifically shared with them, Ziflow users may expect the following screen to appear upon opening the shareable URL.

To view proofs in the Restricted folder, users who open a shareable link must be added to that folder and signed into their Ziflow account.

Please also make sure to adjust the reviewer folder access settings because this also has a significant role when it comes to asset visibility inside Ziflow folders.

No assets shared with you

If a reviewer opening a shareable link sees a prompt below, then the folder owner or Ziflow manager/admin should verify a couple of things:

  1. Please ensure that the folder access settings for reviewers match the proof access settings for the reviewers. If you granted a View only shared proof versions setting to some reviewer in the Folder shareable link menu and have not invited this person to any of the proofs inside that folder, then any proofs will not be visible upon opening the shareable URL.

  2. Verify if any of the proofs existing in that folder have not been automatically archived. To un-archive those assets, please follow the guide here.

Project Mosaic feedback

As Project Mosaic is still in the Early Access Program phase, your feedback is crucial. The project aims to enhance the way our customers use Ziflow, and any information on the current improvements is valuable to our Product team.

There are two places where you can leave your feedback related to the Project Mosaic:

Give feedback badge inside a folder view in Proof Viewer.

When you open a folder shareable link in your browser and enable the Mosaic Project by clicking on the New folder review BETA button, you will see a Give feedback badge in the left upper corner.

In the feedback window, please rate your Project Mosaic experience and share a few words about what you liked or could be improved.

Submit ideas or leave feedback on the Ziflow Ideas Board.

Use the Ziflow Ideas Board, a collection of ideas and feature enhancements that we are either exploring or actively developing. This is a great place to submit your improvement requests or leave feedback about projects that are already in implementation.

Please follow this link to share your feedback on specific areas of the Project Mosaic.

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