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April 2024 Release Notes (24.08)
April 2024 Release Notes (24.08)

Find information about release enhancements from April 2024 (24.08).

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In this article, you'll find a list of our most impactful new features and enhancements that we have released this month.

Don't worry, for more significant enhancements, you can still check out our blog, as well as read our newsletter. If you have questions about these items, don't hesitate to contact our support team.

Updates to Ziflow’s Proof Viewer:

Major changes to adding comments to video proofs

We're excited to announce significant changes to the way users leave comments on video-based proofs, starting with a complete overhaul of our range-selection capabilities. We’ve heard from many users on this topic, and we deeply understand the challenges of providing feedback within video content. With this release, we're introducing significant enhancements to simplify the process:

Intuitive Range Selection:

Say goodbye to the complexities of selecting specific ranges within video proofs. With a new range selection indicator bar positioned beneath the video timeline, we've decluttered the interface to provide a more intuitive commenting experience. Hovering within the selection will display the playhead, while clicking inside the selection will seamlessly adjust the playhead’s location.

Intuitive Range Selection in Ziflow

Effortless Range Adjustment:

Fine-tuning your selected range has also gotten easier. Now, you can effortlessly drag the entire selected range left or right to precisely pinpoint the area of interest. Plus, clicking both inside and outside the range selection will no longer disrupt your selection, ensuring a smoother and uninterrupted commenting workflow.

Effortless Range Adjustment in Ziflow Viewer

Enhanced User Control:

We've added additional functionality to give you greater control over your selections. Clicking outside the selection will no longer automatically readjust the selection markers, allowing users to browse other areas in the video before posting the comment while keeping their selection in place.

These enhancements are especially important for teams working extensively with video and animated content. By simplifying the process of adding comments to video proofs, we're empowering teams to collaborate more effectively and streamline their review processes.

Decision on a locked/earlier version displayed on top of the proof

Users don’t always immediately recall their decision on an earlier version of a proof, and the only way to find out would be to search within Ziflow’s Dashboard, or look through decision confirmation emails. With this release, we're excited to introduce a helpful new design element: the ability to view your decision on previous versions of a proof directly within the Proof Viewer.

Decision on a locked/earlier version displayed on top of the proof

Previously, users could only view their decision on the active version of a proof. However, once a subsequent version was uploaded, the area where that earlier decision was displayed would be replaced by the words “proof locked”. Starting today, users can easily see their earlier decision displayed in the same location in previous versions—alongside the same "proof locked" indicator.

Paste images directly into Comments (as attachments)

Many of Ziflow’s users prefer the convenience of copying-and-pasting images from their computer’s clipboard into relevant locations: Slack messages, emails, or slide presentations, to name just a few. With this release, the list of locations where images can simply be copied-and-pasted has expanded to include a comment entry field within Ziflow’s Proof Viewer.

Paste images directly into Comments (as attachments)

Users can now paste copied files into the comment box using the Ctrl-V (Cmd-V) keyboard shortcut or the paste option from the context menu, with the image automatically being attached to the comment as an attachment. This eliminates the extra step of saving the file to a location on your computer, and manually uploading the file as a comment attachment.

This feature supports pasting images from any source, whether it's copied from a website, a document, or a file explorer. Simply copy the image to your clipboard and paste it directly into the comment box for quick and easy attachment.

Updates to Ziflow’s Dashboard:

Streamlined workflow for folder sharing

Currently, the "folder access" setting at the bottom of the folder sharing interface on Ziflow’s Dashboard is only saved once the user hits "Share". This can lead to some confusion: the expectation being that one would click “Share” when they were sharing the folder, not when confirming an updated setting.

With this update, we're introducing auto-saving functionality for folder access settings. The call-to-action button will now change to "Done" once the folder access settings are changed, aligning our behavior with platforms like Google Drive. This new workflow is meant to be more intuitive, reduce confusion, and streamline the sharing process.

Additionally, we’ve created a hierarchy of actions within the dialog: if a user selects team members in the entry field to share the folder with, the folder access settings will "lock", preventing any changes. This prevents the accidental broadening of folder access while a user is simply trying to share a folder with colleagues. However, the actions can be made in reverse order: users can adjust the folder access settings first and then share the folder, which shows that the user is purposefully making the former change.

Adjusting the logic for displaying the “replace/append workflow” warning

With this week’s release, Ziflow will no longer display the "Replace/Append Workflow" dialog when it is not needed. We’ve heard feedback from many customers who believe that the appearance of this dialog can be puzzling to both new and experienced users, particularly when there is only one workflow stage and no collaborators added. By removing this unnecessary prompt, we aim to simplify the workflow creation experience and reduce potential confusion.

Adjusting the logic for displaying the “replace/append workflow” warning

Moving forward, the pop-up message will only be shown if there is more than one stage or at least one collaborator (other than the proof creator) has been added to the workflow. This revised logic ensures that the warning is only displayed when a proof creator has made changes to create a workflow, as adding a template would overwrite those changes.

New option in Dashboard context menu: "Add Folder"

In this release, when accessing the context menu for a folder in Ziflow’s Dashboard, users will have the option to quickly add a new folder directly from the menu. Depending on your access level, you'll now see a range of options that may include "Edit," "Share," "Clone," "Archive," "Open folder," and now "Add folder."

This context menu is accessible from both the Dashboard’s list/grid view as well as in the folder navigation menu on the left hand side. Simply right-click on the folder icon to reveal the context menu and select "Add folder" to quickly create a new folder in the specified location.

Proof ID now displayed in the URL when opening Proof Details panel

Previously, locating a proof ID for troubleshooting required navigating through various menus, causing unnecessary delays. With this week’s release, clicking to open on Proof Details on Ziflow’s dashboard will dynamically update the URL to include the proof ID, making it readily accessible to provide to Ziflow’s support teams. The URL format will now display as https://[YourZiflowDomain}]/#/proofs!proof/[proofID], providing quick and direct access to the relevant proof details.

Important Update: New limitation on View creation

In this latest update, users will no longer have the option to generate a new view directly from a "Trashed" view. Creating new views from a "Trash" tab could lead to difficulties in locating and managing proofs, particularly given that proofs marked as “Trash” will automatically be deleted after 30 days. While straightforward, this adjustment should play a crucial role in mitigating the phenomenon of incomplete views.

Important Update: New limitation on View creation

More folders and subfolders displayed in left-hand navigation

In response to user feedback and to improve usability, Ziflow has doubled the viewing capacity of folders on the left sidebar. With this update, users can now view up to 100 folders/subfolders directly on the sidebar without the need to click "See more."

More folders and subfolders displayed in left-hand navigation

Updates to Ziflow’s software integrations:

New ClickUp and Trello widgets in Ziflow’s integration panel

This week, we’ve expanded the list of tools that have dedicated “widgets” in the Integration section within proof setup and details. Building upon our existing lineup, which includes Asana,, Google Drive, and more, we're introducing two new widgets for our ClickUp and Trello integrations.

New ClickUp and Trello widgets in Ziflow’s integration panel

Whether you're using ClickUp for project management or Trello for task organization, integrating these platforms with Ziflow allows you to seamlessly connect your creative review and approval processes with your preferred tools. And with dedicated widgets in the proof creation panel, or proof details pane, it’s even easier to make changes to those projects or tasks in real-time.

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