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March 2024 Release Notes (24.06)
March 2024 Release Notes (24.06)

Find information about release enhancements from March 2024 (24.06).

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In this article, you'll find a list of our most impactful new features and enhancements that we have released this month.

Don't worry, for more significant enhancements, you can still check out our blog, as well as read our newsletter. If you have questions about these items, don't hesitate to contact our support team.

When switching between pages or using the compare mode in the Ziflow Viewer, the "Fit to.." options are now remembered

We've enhanced the Ziflow Viewer to maintain the "Fit to..." zoom ratio when reviewers switch pages or use compare mode. This comes in handy, especially when reviewing proofs that contain multiple files with different file dimensions.

New account setting for default Dashboard view (Grid, List, Expand)

With this update, administrators gain the ability to define the default view β€” Grid, List, or Expand β€” for their users.

New account setting for default Dashboard view (Grid, List, Expand)

Users can then personalize their dashboard layout according to their preferences, and the browser will remember their choices for future sessions.

This empowers users to tailor their dashboard experience while providing administrators with greater control over default settings. We're committed to continuously enhancing Ziflow's usability and user-centric features, and the Dashboard 2.0 default view setting represents a significant step forward in this endeavor.

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