Dashboard Filters

Quickly search for assets by creating targeted dashboard filters.

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Summary: The filter functionality enables users to create and save custom filters. This makes it easy to find proof quickly.

This article outlines how described functionality appears and operates in the old layout. If you are using Dashboard 2.0, please refer to the corresponding article in the Help Center.

Available for: every registered user in Ziflow.

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How does it work?

The custom filter menu is located above the Proof List. Once you click on the filter button, it will expand a window where a new custom filter can be created.

Dashboard filters button

Adding new filters

Click on the + Add filter and select the criteria. You can add multiple filters to narrow down the search.

Adding new filters in Ziflow

Once you select the criteria, press the save icon in the upper right corner. If you click on Done, it will be a one-time search.

Create filter button in Ziflow

Next, enter the name of the new filter. If you choose to make this filter private, it will only be visible to you and the administrators. Otherwise, all users will have access to the filter. Click the Create button, and the custom filter will be saved to your filters list.

Name filter and add it to your filters list in Ziflow

There is a variety of filters that you can choose from:

  • Archived

  • Date

  • Folder

  • Locked

  • Name

  • Owner

  • Proof status

  • Source

  • Stage

  • Reviewer

  • Version

  • Next deadline

  • Custom property

Filter list

All filters in your account (private and public) can be accessed from the filter menu by clicking on the arrow.

Administrators will see all the filters inside the account. Users will have access to their own filters and all public ones.

Filter list button

Favorites - each user can mark any filter as a favorite by clicking on the star next to the filter's name. Once the filter is marked, it will be added to the “Favorites list” in the left menu.

Adding filters to the favorites list

Editing/deleting filters

To manage your filters, click the arrow and hover over the filter name you want to edit/delete. Click the trash icon to delete the filter.

Editing and deleting filters buttons

To edit the filter, click on the pencil icon. The Edit window will appear, and you can adjust the filter according to your needs.

Edit filters options in Ziflow

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