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January 2024 Release Notes (24.01)
January 2024 Release Notes (24.01)

Find information about release enhancements from January 2024 (24.01).

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In this article, you'll find a list of our most impactful new features and enhancements that we have released this month.

Don't worry, for more significant enhancements, you can still check out our blog, as well as read our newsletter. If you have questions about these items, don't hesitate to contact our support team.

Files added to “Trash” will now be deleted after 30 days

With this release, we have introduced new logic to the “Trash” state in Ziflow. Starting on January 17, 2024, proofs will automatically be deleted by our system 30 days after being added to the Trash—this includes proofs already in “Trash”.

For many users, a persistent “Trash” state creates clutter in their dashboard environment, as these proofs will never fully disappear from their view. This update will help to automatically optimize your dashboard environment and ensure a more efficient creative process.

This change may result in an adjustment to your methods of managing unwanted or unneeded proofs. For example: “archiving” a proof will not delete it, but retain that asset in an archived state that can be searched and referenced later. With this release, moving a proof to the “Trash” will result in its deletion after 30 days, making it easier to purge old assets permanently.

30 days from January 17, 2024, any proofs in the "Trash" will begin to be automatically deleted. Please use this time between now and then to manage your older items in the "Trash" if you have been using this state to store old proofs.

Update to Netsuite integration: set what project to create a task in

We've made a small but significant improvement to your workflow when integrating Netsuite projects with Ziflow. Previously, for each new project in Netsuite, a separate flow had to be created.

In this release, we’ve added the ability to include a custom field on Proofs for "Project ID". With this "Project ID" custom field, you can copy and paste the Project ID directly from Netsuite, eliminating the need to create a new flow for each project.

Update to Slack integration: search within, add bot to Private channels

In this release, we've updated Ziflow’s Slack integration to ensure communication across both public and private channels. The enhanced flow can now search across all channels accessible to the user who made the connection between Slack and Ziflow—including Private channels, which were previously inaccessible.

In addition, Ziflow’s Slack Bot can be added to private channels, as long as a user with access to the channel extend the invitation.

New language in Proof notification email around link sharing

With this release, we’ve added language to the email that a reviewer receives after a proof is shared with them. This message conveys that the provided link is private and intended for their eyes only, ensuring that recipients are explicitly informed about the confidential nature of the shared URL. The warning message acts as a proactive measure, urging users to exercise caution in sharing the proof link to maintain the confidentiality of the creative content.

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