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August 2023 Release Notes (23.15)
August 2023 Release Notes (23.15)

Find information about release enhancements from August 2023 (23.15).

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In this article, you'll find a list of our most impactful new features and enhancements that we have released this month.

Don't worry, for more significant enhancements, you can still check out our blog, as well as read our newsletter. If you have questions about these items, don't hesitate to contact our support team.

New Ziflow Connect App: Microsoft Sharepoint

We’re excited to introduce a new addition to our Ziflow Connect architecture: an integration with Microsoft SharePoint, designed to streamline and automate tedious tasks in your creative workflow, specifically when it comes to moving completed files to your desired locations.

Now using nearly any action as a trigger, Ziflow can automatically upload a file to a Sharepoint folder of your choosing. For example, you can configure a Zibot to export a final file to a Sharepoint folder once an approval decision has been made by your review team. And if your creative workflow requires it, you can automatically create a new folder within your Sharepoint tenant for that file to be placed once exported.

Update to Single Sign On login flow: a new SSO “button”

With this week’s release, we’ve made an upgrade to Ziflow’s Single Sign On experience with an aim towards streamlining user access.

In the past, users with SSO would encounter a minor hurdle as they had to type in their email address to trigger the SSO flow. To simplify the process, we have introduced a new button that is conditionally displayed based on your subdomain (, ensuring a smoother sign-in experience by eliminating the need for your user to manually enter their email address.

Update to Ziflow’s API: A call to GET Intake Forms

We’ve made an exciting adjustment to Ziflow’s developer API in this week’s release: the ability for customers to access the URLs for a tenant’s Intake Forms via an API “get” call.

This will provide a great deal of value to companies who have built their own in-house project management platform. Using an API call to display the proper Intake Form for a given project in the in-house tools will drive project requestors down the path that’s appropriate for their creative process.

Interested in building an API-based connection to Ziflow? Reach out to your customer relationship manager for more information!

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