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November 2023 Release Notes (23.23)
November 2023 Release Notes (23.23)

Find information about release enhancements from November 2023 (23.23).

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In this article, you'll find a list of our most impactful new features and enhancements that we have released this month.

Don't worry, for more significant enhancements, you can still check out our blog, as well as read our newsletter. If you have questions about these items, don't hesitate to contact our support team.

Enhancements to Ziflow’s integration with Google Drive

We’re excited to introduce a new set of features for the Ziflow Connect app for Google Drive, designed to automate aspects of your creative process and eliminate tedious tasks. With this release, Ziflow can automatically search for folders and files, create new sub-folders, and upload files to Google Drive using nearly any action as a trigger.

For example, you can configure our updated Zibot to export a final file to a Google Drive folder once an approval decision has been made by your review team. And if your creative process requires it, you can automatically create a new folder within Google Drive for that file to be placed once conditions are met. Powerful automated search capabilities allows Ziflow to automatically query folders and files within Google Drive, so working versions and/or finished files can be placed in the right location, every time.

Click here for more on how to utilize these exciting new aspects of Google Drive integration.

View comments and markup from Ziflow reviews inside Adobe Acrobat apps

Ziflow allows for the export of a “Proof report”—a digital copy of a Review that includes all feedback and markup that was collected during the approval process. While this report is in PDF form, the comments themselves are “printed” within the pages of the review, with markup pins that correspond to each piece of feedback. With this release, Ziflow has added the ability to export a PDF with markup that can be viewed in Adobe readers.

Available today, this exported file will allow your users to open the document in the Acrobat family of applications, with the comments made using Ziflow’s Viewer able to viewed as if they were comments made via Adobe’s own tools. Subsequent comments made via Acrobat will appear alongside comments made within Ziflow with no difference between the two.

Clicking the “export” icon on the Review Details panel now displays two options: “Proof report” (the original way to export a PDF with markup), and “PDF with comments” (to export a file with comments that can be parsed and viewed in Adobe applications).

Improvement to Ziflow’s API: New “Stage deadline passed” trigger

We recently released a new trigger—”Stage deadline passed”—that can enable actions in your workflows built outside of Ziflow, either via our API, or by connecting to other applications using webhooks. In the webhook builder under API settings, you’ll find this new trigger amongst the list of existing events.

Similar to notification emails and messages sent via Ziflow after a deadline has passed, this new trigger can help spur action amongst your reviewers by other means, namely via outside applications that are connected to Ziflow by our API.

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