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June 2023 Release Notes (23.12)
June 2023 Release Notes (23.12)

Find information about release enhancements from June 2023 (23.12).

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In this article, you'll find a list of our most impactful new features and enhancements that we have released this month.

Don't worry, for more significant enhancements, you can still check out our blog, as well as read our newsletter. If you have questions about these items, don't hesitate to contact our support team.

New Ziflow Connect application: Wrike

With this release, we’ve added a new outside application to our Ziflow Connect menu: an integration with Wrike, one of the industry leaders in project management software. This feature will allow you to seamlessly connect the review and approval process with project tasks in Wrike to enhance collaboration and streamline your workflow. For example:

  • As your proofs progress through the review and approval process, Ziflow automatically sends current project statuses to Wrike, ensuring project stakeholders are always informed.

  • Submitting a new proof for review is now even more efficient—whenever a new file is uploaded into Ziflow, the Connect integration allows for the creation of new tasks in Wrike based on your preferred taxonomy.

  • When a proof is marked as approved in Ziflow, the corresponding project in Wrike is automatically updated in real-time, ensuring everyone stays in sync.

  • …and so much more.

Note: if you’ve previously made a Webhook-based connection between Ziflow and Wrike, this integration will still function as normal. If you’d like to disconnect the Webhook connection in favor of the new Ziflow Connect app, please contact your Customer Support Manager, who will advise on steps to minimize disruption to your creative workflow.

We are dedicated to optimizing your creative workflow and providing seamless integrations to simplify collaboration, and this is only the first in a series of new Ziflow Connect applications planned for release throughout 2023.

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