Summary: Unique to Ziflow proof owners, can add reviewers in multiple stages on the same proof, including themselves. This is useful for team managers or members who wish to contribute or make decisions in multiple stages or need to participate in both private and public stages. This is also a powerful capability for review teams that include external contributors or designers who contribute both to the creative review, as well as the compliance/sign-off stages of the process.

Available for: Enterprise edition only.

Where is the feature setup? On the proof creation screen. While configuring stages, simply add a specific reviewer to multiple stages.

Allowing Reviewers Across Multiple Stages
  • Please note that a reviewer may have different permissions from one stage to the next. For example, a reviewer in stage 1 may have “view” and “manage” permissions, whereas the same reviewer in another stage may have all permissions granted.

  • Proof Owner may also be added to multiple stages.

Allowing Reviewers Across Multiple Stages

Once the proof is created, the reviewer will need to make a decision or complete their review in all stages that he/she was added to. Submitting decisions works the same way as in a normal workflow; the only difference is that the reviewer must submit a decision for each stage.

Submitting decision when invited to multiple stages

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