Summary: We allow building proof workflows where you can start a particular proof stage if other multiple proof stages met established decision criteria. This article will outline how to build such automation in Ziflow.

This process consists of 2 parts:

  1. Adding Ziflow as an application to your Connect list.

  2. Building a flow that will trigger selected stage/s based on a decision made on multiple stages.

Connect Ziflow application

You'll need to start building the automation by adding a new Ziflow app connection. This application will be automatically starting the required proof stages on your behalf.

Go to Connect -> Applications and then click on the + Connect Application button in the right upper corner.

Once you click on the connect button, select Ziflow from the list. You'll need to name the connection and enter your API key.

Building a Flow that will start selected stage/s

Go to the Connect tab, select flows, and click on the Create Flow button:

Select Ziflow as a flow application:

Choose Decision made as an event type:

Configure Event details:

  1. Since we are interested in triggering some stage/s based on different stage approval this should be reflected in this particular setting. Please select On stage.

  2. Choose the types of decisions that will trigger the automation. In most cases, this will be Approved and Approved with changes decisions since we're interested in triggering some stage after previous ones are already approved.

  3. Decide if this flow should work in some specific folder or should it trigger stages in proofs created anywhere in your account.

Select the Check multiple stages status Zibot from the list:

Set up details of Zibot:

  1. Enter the name of the stages you would like to check before the next stage/s are started.

  2. This setting may be useful if you would like to trigger sets of stages. For now, you can select the No option.

  3. Select what type of decision made on stages will trigger the next stage. In most cases, it will be Approved & Approved or Approved and Approved with changes.

In the presented scenario we want to start a Client Review stage after both Internal stages are Approved or Approved with changes:

Click Next and add a Path Zibot to the Flow:

Set up details of Path Zibot as follows:

Add Start a stage Zibot after the Path:

Enter the stage name that should be started after both Internal stages are approved, in this case, we want to start the third stage which is the Client Review stage.

Save the flow and try to see if the automation works as expected.

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