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Ziflow Viewer Keyboard Shortcuts
Ziflow Viewer Keyboard Shortcuts
Set of most handy keyboard shortcuts while working inside the Ziflow Viewer.
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Summary: We've added a few shortcuts to the Proof Viewer for Ziflow power-users who prefer to use their keyboard for navigation.

Static assets

Left/Right Arrows: Switch to next previous page of the asset

Ctrl + Scroll wheel: Zoom in/out

Click + drag: Pan asset image

Ctrl + Z / Ctrl + Y: Redo/Undo a markup

Video assets

J: Rewind 1x, 2x, 4x, and 8x
K (or Space): Pause/play a video
L: Fast forward 1.25x, 1.5x, 1.75x etc.
Left/Right Arrows: Skip one frame
M: Mute/Unmute
F: Fullscreen, and F/Esc: Exit fullscreen

Comment & markup actions

Ctrl + Alt + m (for Windows) or Cmd + Option + m (for Mac): New comment
Ctrl + Enter (Cmd + Return for Macs): Save comment

Up/Down Arrows: Next/Prev comment

While adding a comment reviewers can use different types of formatting:

  • bold - Ctrl+ B (Cmd +B for Macs)

  • Italic - Ctrl + I (Cmd + I for Macs)

  • underline - Ctrl + U (Cmd + U for Macs)

  • strikethrough - Ctrl + D (Cmd + D for Macs)

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