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Inviting Reviewers and Users to Ziflow
Inviting Reviewers and Users to Ziflow

Learn how to invite new reviewers and users to Ziflow.

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Summary: Ziflow believes your time is better spent concentrating on your marketing projects rather than dealing with any complex administration tasks, so when it comes to adding/deleting users, this process is very simple.

Where is this feature applied? Inviting users can be done from the People tab, as shown below.

People tab in Ziflow

How does it work?

There are three options when adding a contact to your account:

  1. Users - only admins can add or delete users. They will have their logins and passwords to access the account. Users can create and manage their proofs, groups, and flows. admins may also grant additional permissions/roles to a user, such as admin rights.

  2. Contacts - any Ziflow user can add contacts/guests. A contact/guest is anyone that is not a registered user within the account. Contacts/guests can still participate in the review and approval process by being added as a guest reviewer by the proof creator.

  3. Lite users - a special type of contact that can access the Ziflow dashboard, but they're not allowed to create/manage content.

Add contact button in Ziflow

Depending on whether you are adding a user or a guest, the following invitation forms will be presented:

Add user sceen in Ziflow


Add guest reviewer screen in Ziflow

Fill in all required fields:

  1. Email

  2. First name

  3. Last name

  4. Role (or Company name if you are adding a contact/guest)

If you want to invite additional users, simply click the “+ Add another user/contact” button.

Adding multiple contacts in one go

Once you have entered the required details, the user will receive an email notification like the one shown below:

From this point, the rest of the registration process is completed by the invited user/s.

Email confirmation in Ziflow

A registration form will open by clicking on Verify email address, as shown below. It will automatically populate the fields that were input by the admin. The email address is the only thing that cannot be modified.

Ziflow account confirmation

Once the user clicks Update and Sign in, they will automatically be logged in, and they can begin to use the application.

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