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Video & Audio Proofs Review in the Legacy Ziflow Viewer
Video & Audio Proofs Review in the Legacy Ziflow Viewer

Enable your reviewers to quickly and seamlessly comment, markup, and annotate video & audio files.

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Summary: Ziflow supports a wide range of file types to help you and your team tackle all types of creative projects - including video & audio.

Please have a look at the list of supported file formats.

All of Ziflow's markup and annotation tools are available while collaboratively reviewing videos, and so are all the great commenting and feedback capabilities that streamline the entire review and approval process.

Available for: reviewers with View permissions. Every reviewer that is added to a proof will automatically have View permissions.

Reviewer with view permission

How does it work?

The Video& Audio Legacy Proof Viewer is designed to look and feel exactly the same as the standard Legacy Proof Viewer, with a few additional features.

Video and audio tools in the Legacy Viewer
  1. Skip to the next/previous frame - click these arrows in order to skip a video to the next/previous frame.

  2. Play/Pause - this button allows you to start and stop the video. Alternatively, you can hit the space bar, which will work like clicking the play/pause button.

  3. Loop - this button allows you to put a video on a loop, and it will start the video automatically once it reaches the end.

  4. Volume - this button allows you to increase or decrease the sound.

  5. Switch between comments/markups - those two arrows will help you to navigate through comments/markups. You can press the forward or backward arrow to quickly skip to different reviewers' comments.

  6. Timer and time format - the first set of numbers shows time elapses, and the second shows the total length of the video. You can also decide on what format this timer should be displayed in: Time, TimeCode, and Frames.

  7. Video timeline - if you hover over the timeline with your mouse, you can see the video frame by frame. You may also see user avatars. When a reviewer makes a comment/markup, their avatar will appear on the timeline. Clicking on the avatar will take you to the exact frame where the comment/markup has been made.

  8. Safe area (Standard, Pro & Enterprise feature only) lets you see how the video will look in different formats.

  9. Playback speed - click this button to increase or decrease video speed.

  10. Full-screen mode - opens a video in full-screen mode.

  11. Range-based comments - if you need to add a comment that refers to some part of the audio/video file, you can adjust the starting and ending point of the comment by moving comment indicators. The indicator's range timeline will be additionally added under the comment.

The rest of the functionalities inside the Video & Audio Legacy Proof Viewer are exactly the same as they are for static files. You can put your video in full screen, zoom in or out, fit the video to the screen, add comments/markups, etc.

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