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Using @mentions When Commenting in the Legacy Ziflow Viewer
Using @mentions When Commenting in the Legacy Ziflow Viewer

Collaborate effortlessly with other reviewers by using @mentions to tag a particular reviewer(s) to comments

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Summary: @mentions are an easy way to draw someone's attention to a conversation or message.

Available for: Any reviewer with Comment permissions on all Ziflow editions.

Where is the feature accessible? @mentions can be used when typing comments or replies within the proof viewer.

Using @mentions when commenting in the Legacy Ziflow Viewer

How does it work?

Once you begin typing the @ symbol, a dropdown menu will appear with a list of all the reviewers within that stage. Select the reviewer and hit enter to confirm your selection.

Adding @mention comment in the Legacy Viewer

What happens after @mentions are used in a comment/reply?

Once a reviewer uses @mentions to draw another reviewer's attention, Ziflow sends an email containing comment/reply text and proof details.

@mention email notification

How can reviewers be allowed to @mention anyone on a proof?

If you want to let reviewers @mention all reviewers on the proof regardless of what stage they are in, the Ziflow admin must enable this setting in the "Settings" panel:

Allow to @mention all reviewers from all stages setting

Can I allow all contacts to be mentioned?

This feature is available only in the new Proof Viewer. Legacy Proof viewer doesn't support the possibility of using mentions on all contacts.

Please read more about this feature in the following article: Using @mentions when Commenting on Proof in Proof Viewer.

Additional information:

  • If the comment is edited, all @mentioned reviewers will receive an email.

Supporting material:

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