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Using the Measurement Tool in the Legacy Ziflow Viewer
Using the Measurement Tool in the Legacy Ziflow Viewer

The measurement tool can check the page size, the bleed size, or the size of an object on the asset.

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Summary: The Measurement Tool is useful for various reasons, such as checking page size, bleed size, or perhaps the size of an object on a proof.

Available for: all reviewers invited in the review and approval process.

Where is this feature found? The measurement tool is accessed by clicking on the ruler at the bottom of the page within the Legacy Proof Viewer.

Measurement tool button in the Legacy Ziflow Viewer

How does it work?

When you click on the ruler, it activates the measurement mode, and the measurement box will pop up (as shown in the screenshot above). You have the option to measure in pixels, inches, or millimeters. You may also choose the measurement transparency color.

Simply drag from point to point, highlighting the selected area, and the measurements will be calculated.

You will also see asset dimensions once you enter a measurement tool mode.

Changing dimensions while using a measurement tool in the Legacy Viewer

Additional information:

  • To exit the measuring tool, simply click on “pan mode”, which is the hand button.

  • The measurement tool is also available when comparing different versions, allowing reviewers to measure the dimensions of both proof versions simultaneously.

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