Proof Details Page

Clear, centralized view of the proof details and the proof progression at a glance.

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Summary: The Proof Details page is designed to give a clear, centralized view of the proof information and proof progression at a glance.

The options displayed may vary depending on the user's proof and system permissions.

To open Proof Details of a specific project, click on a proof's name or open it via a special button on the right.

This article outlines how described functionality appears and operates in the old layout. If you are using Dashboard 2.0, please refer to the corresponding article in the Help Center.

Asset details page in Ziflow

How does it work?

See the screenshot along with an explanation of each function listed below:

Asset details page overview

1. Proof Name - displays the name of the proof.

2. Folder - location of a proof.

3. Version - select different proof versions from the drop-down list to see the Proof Details for each version, including reviewers' decisions.

4. Open Proof - opens up the Ziflow Viewer.

5. Shortcut options:

  • Share proof

  • Send reminder email notifications

  • Export comments to PDF

  • Create a version

  • Lock proof

  • Archive proof

  • Delete proof

  • Duplicate proof

  • Disconnect from the previous version

  • Change the previous version

*Please note - you may not see all these shortcut options if you have not been granted the system or proofing permissions to do so.

6. Proof Summary Information:

  • Owner - a user who originally created the proof.

  • Company - a company of the user who created a proof.

  • Filename

  • Created - displays the date the proof was created.

  • Version - displays how many versions of the proof have been uploaded.

  • ID - displays the unique proof ID, which can be used if you need to contact Ziflow support. Clicking on "Show" will allow you to copy the ID so you can easily paste it into a support ticket.

  • Public URL - If you send this URL to someone, the receiver will not be able to access the proof unless you have security settings that would prevent that from happening.

7. Brief - additional information about the asset. Available on our Standard, Pro, Business Legacy, and Enterprise plans. The brief will be available to all reviewers in the Ziflow Viewer.

8. Stage - shows the stages associated with this proof. Under the arrow button, you can manage stage and deadline settings.

9. Stage reviewers - lists all invited reviewers with proof permissions and SOCD status of the proof progress.

10. Current Proof Status - displays the current status of the proof using one of the following status indicators.

In progress indicator

In progress - the proof is available for review.

Approved indicator

Approved - the proof has been approved.

Approved with changes indicator

Approved with changes - the proof has been approved upon minor changes being applied.

Changes required indicator

Changes required - the proof has been reviewed, and changes are required.

11. Lock/unlock - a button that can be used for manual locking/unlocking the stage.

12. Share proof - allows you to add or remove reviewers in each stage.

13. Workflow template - shows if a proof has been created with a workflow template.

14. Progress bars for reviewers - this is a visual way of seeing where each reviewer is in the proofing process. Each bar from left to right has the following meanings:

  • Sent - an email has been sent to the reviewer notifying them that they have new proof to review.

  • Opened - the email has been opened.

  • Comment - the reviewer has made comments on the proof.

  • Decision - a decision has been made on the proof.

15. Add stage - allows you to create additional stages to the proof.

16. Proof settings - under proof settings, you can change proof ownership, as well as put extra security measures in place. Read about proof settings.

17. Activity log - the proof details page includes a real-time stream of activity, giving you full insight as to when it was created, decisions were made and reviews completed.

18. Messages log - list of all the messages and notifications that were sent throughout the review and approval process.

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