People: Users & Guests
Learn how to invite and manage your team members and customers in Ziflow.
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By clicking on the People tab, you can view all contacts and groups within your Ziflow account. From here, admins can quickly add or delete users and contacts.

All users can create and manage their own groups. Only admins and managers have access to edit all groups.

Ziflow people tab overview
  1. Add - this button is used for inviting new users and guests into your Ziflow account. Here's an in-depth guide explaining how to do this.

  2. Search bar - a quick and efficient way to find contacts/users.

  3. Filters - another quick way to sort users, guests, and groups.

  4. Groups - this allows you to create new groups and manage existing ones. Please see our creating and managing groups article for more details.

  5. Contact list - displays all existing contacts and users. You can apply filters to narrow down your list. If users or contacts need to be edited, please see the managing Ziflow contacts article.

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