IP Allowlist

IP allowlisting enables you to restrict Ziflow access to a limited range of IP addresses (Enterprise Edition).

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Summary: As a creative collaboration and online proofing platform, we understand the importance of security for our customers. That's why we have introduced a new feature called IP Allowlisting to enhance the security of your account.

IP Allowlisting is a security feature that allows you to restrict access to your account to only those users accessing it from specific IP addresses. In other words, if you enable IP Allowlisting, only users accessing your account from an IP address on your allowlist can log in.

IP Allowlisting adds an extra layer of security to your account. Limiting access to only authorized IP addresses prevents unauthorized access to your account, even if someone has your login credentials. This feature is handy for businesses or organizations that want to restrict access to their sensitive data.

Available on the Enterprise Edition only. Only users with Admin rights can add/modify the list of allowlisted IPs.

Where is the feature setup? Go to Settings > Security > IP Allowlisting as shown below:

IP Allowlist in Ziflow settings

How does it work?

Click on the Add IP Allowlisting button, and you will be presented with a new window to list who can access your Ziflow account.

Add IP Allowlist records in Ziflow
  1. CIDR range - CIDR stands for Classless Inter-Domain Routing and represents a range of IP addresses. In IP addressing, an IP address is a unique identifier for a device on a network, and a range of IP addresses is a group of IP addresses that share a common prefix.

    For example, a range of IP addresses could be, which represents all IP addresses that start with 192.168, with the /16 indicating that the first 16 bits of the IP address are fixed (i.e., the range includes IP addresses from to

    When setting up IP allowlisting in Ziflow, you may want to restrict access to specific IP addresses or a range of IP addresses. This is where CIDR ranges come in handy. They allow specifying a range of IP addresses that should be allowed access to the Ziflow while blocking all other IP addresses.

    For example, you could specify a CIDR range of, allowing all IP addresses from to to access the application/service. Alternatively, you can specify a CIDR range of, allowing all IP addresses from to to access Ziflow.

  2. Description - fill out with some custom description that will give other Ziflow administrators some background information about allowlisted IP addresses.

It is a good practice to add your IP address first while configuring the IP allowlist in your account. This will ensure that you won't be logged out from Ziflow if you add an IP range that doesn't include your device.

While adding new IP allowlist records, Ziflow will let you know if the record you plan to add covers your IP address.

Add IP Allowlist in Ziflow

Additional information:

  • Just so you know, IP Allowlisting affects only registered Ziflow users. This feature doesn't involve guest reviewers.

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