API Settings

This part of account management settings lets Ziflow admins configure API defaults. Available on all Ziflow editions.

Updated over a week ago

This is where account admins will establish defaults for the API settings.

API settings in Ziflow

  1. Ask user to change their password when they sign in - you may force your users to change their password after they're invited through API with already verified email addresses.
    Whenever the Ziflow administrator resets a user's password through the API, the user will have to reset it as well.

  2. Allow passing API key as a parameter - disable if you want to block users from passing API key as a parameter when using API.

  3. Hide personal API key in User object - this option allows hiding the user API key, so it isn't disclosed to other users.

  4. Admin comment impersonation - enable to allow admins to post comments as other users. Ideal for integration purposes. Disable to maintain standard commenting privileges.


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