General Security Settings

Enable security measures for your Ziflow account.

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Ziflow administrators can enable security settings that vary by plan level.

General Security settings in Ziflow

Depending on the type of your Ziflow subscription, you may see different options:

General Security settings in Ziflow
  1. Allow embedding the Ziflow application (all Ziflow editions) - embedding the Ziflow application in an iframe makes it susceptible to the click-jacking security vulnerability. You can decide which parts of Ziflow could be embedded.

  2. Allow to keep users logged in (all Ziflow editions) - if enabled, users can select the “Keep me logged in” option when logging in to the platform, which will keep their session for seven days.

  3. Keep authentication session (Enterprise edition only) - this setting lets you define after what time the user session is stopped.

  4. Disable user account when inactive (Enterprise edition only) - this option automatically disables inactive users after a set time.

  5. Account lockout (all Ziflow editions) - when turned on, users will be locked out when they provide the wrong password five times. System admins may enable the locked-out users. The feature is not supported if users are authenticating with SSO.

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