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Common Issues When Working With Websites in Ziflow
Common Issues When Working With Websites in Ziflow

Learn how to avoid issues while reviewing website assets in Ziflow.

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In case you've encountered any issues while browsing/reviewing website proofs, please refer to the instructions below:

Why is my live website proof not loading correctly in the viewer?

The Ziflow proof viewer is hosted securely (HTTPS). To support "non-secure" sites (HTTP), we load them using our own proxy servers since the browsers don't allow mixed content (secure and non-secure) to be loaded at the same time.

If the non-secure site contains any direct links to other non-secure content, the browser will load this directly and it will not be proxied via our servers. In this case, the browser will block the content and your site may not load correctly.

There are two ways to fix this:

  1. Host the website securely (HTTPS).

  2. Change links in the web page from absolute to relative paths. You can either do this by editing your original website or you can let Ziflow attempt to do this automatically when loading the website:

    1. Go to Manage Account > Proofing Settings > Proof Viewer > Other options and activate Live websites: URL rewriting

You can also try disabling the proxy setting (Settings -> Proofing Settings -> Proof Viewer - > Other options) in your account and then submitting the proof once again. This might help in some situations since our proxy mechanism may not work with some types of websites.

Disable force proxy in proofing settings in Ziflow if live website proof is not loading

Viewing live webpages/Rich Media files with iframe embedded:

Due to our security policy, we don't allow viewing live websites and/or rich media files which include an iframe with the following attributes:

  • allow-modals

  • allow-orientation-lock

  • allow-pointer-lock

  • allow-popups

  • allow-popups-to-escape-sandbox

  • allow-presentation

  • allow-same-origin

  • allow-top-navigation

  • allow-top-navigation-by-user-activation

Proofing pages protected with reCaptcha

If you want to proof the page which is protected with reCaptcha please:

  1. Open the Settings of your v3 API Account

  2. At the Domains option, only put in domain

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