Email Settings

Account administrators can configure default email settings

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This is where account admins will establish defaults for the email settings.

Email settings in Ziflow

They are divided into three categories:

Senders defaults

Sender defaults in Ziflow settings
  1. System email from - select sender name of system emails eg. Export of proof list notification.

  2. Sender of email when sharing a proof - decide what should be a sender name when sharing proofs.

  3. Sender of email when manually starting a stage - decide what should be a sender name when proof managers start a stage manually.

Important reminder: Please be aware that it is not possible to change the FROM email address, only the sender's display name can be adjusted. Please take this into consideration when changing your email settings.

Automated late proof reminders (Pro & Enterprise edition)

With Automated Late Proof Reminders, Ziflow ensures your team members are always prompted to take action against a deadline. You can now configure account-level defaults to automatically send email reminders to reviewers before, on, and after the proof deadline date.

Automated late proof reminders in Ziflow settings
  1. Select how long before the deadline a reminder should be sent.

  2. Enable the option if you want to send a reminder when the deadline is reached.

  3. Enable and set how frequently the system should send reminders after the deadline is reached.

Other settings

Other settings in Email Ziflow settings
  1. Default reviewer notification - select what should be a default notification type for newly added contacts. This will not override settings chosen by the reviewers themselves.

  2. Decision confirmation email - decide how the decision confirmation under the decision menu should act. You may check/uncheck it by default or hide it completely if necessary.

    Decision confirmation checkbox in Ziflow Viewer
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