Custom Proof Properties and Tags

Quickly zero in on a subset of your proof library according to your preferred business and process views.

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Summary: By creating custom proof properties, you can filter by a subset of your proof library according to your preferred business and/or process views.

If you prefer to view your projects by specific attributes (such as project/client name, project or campaign name, billing code, asset type, issue, etc.), you can now create custom metadata for proofs, which can be used for filtering, as well as building custom views and sorting.

The end result is a more customized view of your review and approval progress and outcomes.

Available for: Administrators on Enterprise edition only.

Where is the feature accessible? Settings > Proof Settings > Properties.

Custom Asset Properties and Tags settings

Learn how to:

Adding custom properties

Start by creating a property group containing a set of custom properties. Click the + Add group button to add a new empty group to the properties screen.

Adding custom properties in Ziflow

This group is disabled by default and doesn't have any properties yet. Click on Property Group, then add your specific property group name.

Adding property group and naming it

Next, click on Add Property to begin creating custom properties.

Custom property creation screen in Ziflow

  1. Name - name your property (e.g., Client, Project Name, Project Leader, Account Manager).

  2. Hint - type a quick description to help proof creators understand the property’s purpose. This hint will be displayed as a tooltip near the property name.

  3. Group - select a group to which this property will belong.

  4. Make this property mandatory - by enabling this option, you will force proof creators to select a property setting during proof creation.

  5. Visible - this determines whether or not this property will appear in the proof creation workflow. This option is handy when you want to switch off a property.

  6. Field type - There are eight types of fields that you can choose from: Single-line text, Multi-line text, Number, Checkbox, Radio, Date, List, and User.

  7. Value - configure value options of the property. If you select the checkbox field type, you will need to define what options the proof creator can choose from during proof creation. You can add those values one by one or load them as a list.

Adding values while setting up custom proporties

When you hit the Create button, the property will be added to the pre-defined property group. Please remember to toggle the property group on if you want to enable it for your users. A couple of things to keep in mind:

  1. Nothing will display on the proof creation page if the property group is activated, but no properties within that group are activated.

  2. If the properties within a group are activated, but the property group is not activated, nothing will display on the proof creation page.

The property group and at least one property must be activated to display on the proof creation page.

Activating property group in Ziflow

From this point, all users will go through the new step (Proof Properties) during the proof creation process.

Properties appear during the proof creation process

Adding Tags

The multi-select list property lets you add custom tags. Using colored tags is an easy way to save more custom information using one list. When configuring new custom properties, choose a Multi-select list field type from a dropdown.

Adding Tags in Ziflow

  1. Field type: Multi-select list - allows you to use colored tags for added properties.

  2. New values color - you can define one default color for all added values or select the random option.

  3. Allow users to create new values - by choosing this option, you will allow users access to the proof to add new values.

  4. Include values in search results - this will enable searching for tags using the global search feature.

  5. Values list - list of available values added to the property. You can switch the order, edit color, enable/disable values, or delete them.

  6. Add value / Load options - you can either add new values one by one using the "Add value" button or upload multiple values simultaneously using the Load options button.

Once the property is added and enabled, your users can select the added values during the proof creation process and/or add new ones to the list if the proper setting is applied.

Adding Tags while creating a proof in Ziflow

Properties in Dashboard Custom Views

Users may display applied properties in their dashboard proof list view:

Properties in Dashboard Custom Views in Ziflow

Please read more about using custom views.

Filtering by custom properties

Users can filter proofs by adding properties, as shown above.

Filtering by custom properties in Ziflow

Please check this article on how to use filters.

Additional information:

  • Applied custom properties are also available on the Proof Details page.

    Custom properties displayed under proof details in Ziflow dashboard

  • Properties are also applied when creating proofs using Workflow Templates.

Supporting material:

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