Where billing details, subscription settings, invoicing, and current usage for the account are available.

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Those who have ownership of an account or users with billing privileges can view the Billing tab. This tab provides information on billing, subscription options, invoicing, and usage statistics.

Table of contents:

Billing panel overview

Ziflow billing settings overview

To access the billing page, click on your profile avatar in the top right corner and select Settings. From there, click on the Billing tab from the menu on the left side of your screen.

Billing settings are divided into four parts:

  1. Edition details - provides information about your current subscription. You may click on the highlighted “Change” button to upgrade your edition or increase the number of users.

  2. Current usage - statistics on users, guest authentication, proofs, and storage on the current billing cycle. Please read Checking used Storage, Proof, and User Count for more information.

  3. Payment details - allows you to edit payment details and credit card information.

  4. Billing history - allows you to track payments in your Ziflow account and download invoices that have been issued either monthly or yearly, depending on the billing cycle selected during your account setup.

Monitoring Storage, Proof, and User Count

Summary: Storage space and the number of proofs created are specific to each Ziflow Edition. Your users get a set amount of storage space and proofs to create per user, per month. You can check your monthly totals from within the Billings tab in real-time.

Where is the feature setup? Account owners or Billing admins can check the usage amounts by clicking on the Settings menu and selecting the Billing tab, as shown below.

Finding information on storage, asset and user count in your Ziflow settings

Monitoring your account statistics.

The current usage section of your billing details monitors usage on a monthly basis. You can also manage your subscription to increase the number of licenses, storage, and proofs for your account.

What happens when my account storage runs out of space?

When Ziflow users have Admin and Billing rights, they will receive notifications via email and within the platform when their account has reached 75% of its storage limit.

Once 100% of the allocated storage space is used, you will be asked to add additional storage or delete existing proofs. You will still be able to create new proofs for 24 hours.

Once your storage reaches 150% of your allowance, you will no longer add new proofs or attach files to comments.

Yellow message showing when you reach 75% of your storage

Red message showing when you run out of account storage

What happens when my teammates use all available proofs?

(old legacy plans)

When you use up all the storage space assigned to you, you will receive a prompt to either add more storage or remove some of your current proofs. However, you will still have the ability to generate new proofs for the next 24 hours.

When your storage exceeds 150% of your allotted space, you can no longer add new proofs or attach files to comments.

Can you explain how reviews are counted?

(old legacy plans)

Static proofs

Personal and Business Legacy plans - each version counts as one individual proof unless assets are merged together in a batch review. Merged static assets count as one individual proof.

Enterprise Legacy plan - five versions of a static proof will count as one proof towards the proof limit.

Live Websites, Rich Media, Video and Audio Proofs

Every version is considered a separate proof.

Will you block our account if we reach 100% usage?

No, even after reaching 100% capacity, you and your teammates are still able to work on existing proofs and create new ones for the next 24 hours.

What will happen when we buy new licenses or upgrade the edition of our account?

If you upgrade your subscription or add more users, the proof and storage limits will be adjusted proportionally.

What happened when we downgrade the Ziflow edition on our account?

If you choose to downgrade your edition, please be aware that the upcoming billing cycle will reflect changes to your storage and proof limits.

How can I add individuals to receive Ziflow billing notifications?

If you want to make sure that more people get billing emails from Ziflow, including new invoices, simply add their email addresses to the specified field in the payment details section.

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