Uploading New Proof Versions

Adding new proof versions to already existing projects.

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Summary: When reviewers request changes to a proof, the proof creator will make revisions and upload a new version.

This article outlines how described functionality appears and operates in the old layout. If you are using Dashboard 2.0, please refer to the corresponding article in the Help Center.

Available for: Proof owners and users with Manage permission can upload new versions.

Permissions to allow invited reviewers adding new proof versions

Proceed with the following steps to add a new proof version:

Where to start?

There are three different ways to create a new version:

  1. From the Proof Details page, click on the “+” button.

    Creating a new proof version by dragging new files on already existing proofs in dashboard

  2. Click on the “+” button within the Ziflow Viewer and select Create new version.

    Creating a new proof version from the Ziflow Viewer level

  3. If you drag a new file version on a proof thumbnail, it will automatically start a new version using the previous version settings.

When you select Create new version, it will take you back to the create proof screen.

Upload a new version asset

You should start by uploading a new version of the asset or entering the new URL.

Selecting files or websites that will become new proof version

For more information about uploading assets for review, please refer to the detailed guide on creating proofs in Ziflow.

Edit Workflow (Optional)

When you upload a new version, you can amend any existing stage settings and edit a reviewers list:

Editing proof workflow on a new proof version

For more information about workflow settings, please refer to the detailed guide on creating proofs in Ziflow.

Adjust proof settings (Optional)

You can also edit entire proof settings at the bottom of the page, including the minor version setting, proof security, and many others:

Notification informing about new proof version in the Ziflow Viewer

For more information about proof settings, please refer to the detailed guide on creating proofs in Ziflow.

Finish creating a New Proof Version

Once you finish uploading a new proof version file and editing all needed settings, click on the Create button. Reviewers will be notified once the proof is processed that a new version is ready for review.

*Note - the previous version will automatically lock when you upload a new version.

Additional information:

  • If a user is viewing a proof when a new version is created, they will see a pop-up message (shown below) informing them that the current version of the proof is now locked and a new version is available.

Supporting material:

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