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Video Tutorial: How to set up routing
Video Tutorial: How to set up routing

Join Mike Hrymak, Ziflow Solutions Engineer, as he shows how to set up routing, triggers, deadlines, custom invites, and workflow templates.

Updated over a week ago

Your designer has turned in a version of a creative asset that you're happy with. Great! Now you've got to get it in front of a set of stakeholders so they can give your designer feedback, and ultimately approve it before it can be published. That...could be a problem.

Manually routing assets from one group of reviewers to the next is incredibly time-consuming. But with Ziflow's automated routing workflows, you can all but eliminate these unnecessary steps and make it easier for your team to standardize your review process.

Join Mike Hrymak, one of Ziflow's Solutions Engineers, as he shows you how to set up routing—including triggers and deadline settings, custom invite messages, and how to use workflow templates for projects with similar sets of reviewers and parameters.

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