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Guidelines for Bulk Email Address Modification
Guidelines for Bulk Email Address Modification

Process for bulk email address changes.

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For those requiring simultaneous updates to multiple email addresses linked to your Ziflow account, please carefully follow the instructions detailed below.

Understanding the Process:

It's essential to recognize that bulk modifications of email addresses are not instantaneous. On the Ziflow platform, email addresses are intricately connected with various components such as proofs, flows, and forms. As such, altering a user’s email address necessitates several background adjustments.

Upon submission of your request, it undergoes an evaluation by the Ziflow Support and Development teams. This review process may take up to 48 hours post-submission, contingent on the prompt provision of the required information.

Post-review, the Support team will communicate with you to outline a specific timeframe for fulfilling your request. Please note, this duration varies, depending on the number of email addresses involved and the extent of changes required.

What Your Request Should Include:

  1. A spreadsheet divided into two sections: one for users, the other for guests.

  2. Within each section, please include:

    1. The current email address of the user/guest.

    2. The new email address of the user/guest.

    3. If available, your tenant ID, which aids in expediting the process.

  3. If relevant, please provide the desired dates for implementing the email changes. While we cannot guarantee adherence to these dates, we assure you that they will be considered in planning the timeline for the changes.

Additional Notes:

- In the event of data submission in an incorrect format, our Support team will return the information to you with guidance on necessary corrections.

- For any further queries about this process, feel free to reach out at

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