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Where Do I Get the proof or Flow ID? (Dashboard 2.0)
Where Do I Get the proof or Flow ID? (Dashboard 2.0)

Find asset or flow ID when you need to report an issue or bug.

Updated over a week ago

Summary: When submitting a support ticket for a specific proof or flow, please include the unique ID.

Proof ID

The proof ID can be found by:

  1. Opening a Proof Details flyout and then copying the ID directly under the Copy proof link or ID button.

  2. If you are a guest reviewer, you can collect the proof ID inside the Ziflow Viewer:

    Show Asset ID in Ziflow Viewer

  3. Copying the ID directly from the URL, when viewing the proof.

Flow ID

The Flow ID is located inside the browser URL:

  1. If you are having a problem with a specific flow, then simply go to your flow list

    Flow list in the Connect tab in Ziflow

  2. Now click on the flow causing the problem, and you will be taken to your flow summary. The Flow ID is inside the URL between "edit" and "summary". Simply cut and paste this into your support ticket.

Supporting material:

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