Follow instructions on how to:

  1. Sign up with Ziflow

  2. Verify your email address

  3. Brand your account

  4. Start proofing and learn more!

Sign up with Ziflow

Navigate to the Ziflow Sign up page. You'll be presented with the sign-up form. Click Sign up using Google to automatically create your account using Google data or fill out the email field manually with your email address and then click the Continue button.

Fill out all necessary information (full name & password) in the form and click on the Sign up button.

Verify your email address

You should receive an email from Ziflow within seconds (if you did not, please contact our Support team at

Simply click on the Verify email address button which will verify your account and automatically sign you into Ziflow account.

Brand your account

Once signed in, you'll be able to provide a subdomain that will be the web address for your account and used for all generated links e.g.

To do this please click on your profile avatar and open Settings menu. Select the Branding tab and update the company name.

Start proofing and learn more!

Your Ziflow account is ready to go! You can start using Ziflow and should become acquainted with the Resource Center tutorial in the right bottom corner.

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