How Do I Connect Ziflow With Slack?

Connect Slack to Ziflow before configuring integration flows.

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Summary: Once you’ve connected your cloud storage service (Dropbox or Google Drive), you can connect Ziflow to Slack. Slack Zibots can automatically perform actions in Slack when the activity takes place in files and folders in your cloud storage.

Where is the feature applied? To connect to Slack with Ziflow, you need to click on the Connect tab and then click on the Applications tab before selecting Slack from the Connect Application list.

Connecting Ziflow with Slack

How does it work?

Once you have selected Slack from the list, you must follow the onscreen steps highlighted below.

Step 1: You will be asked for your Slack URL and then asked to log in to Slack using your credentials.

Step 2: You will be asked if you authorize Ziflow to access your Slack account. (The warning triangles highlight the areas of Slack that Ziflow is requesting access to). Select Authorize to proceed.

Authorizing Ziflow to access your Slack

You’re done … you should now see your Slack connection under the Applications tab in the Connect area.

Slack appears on a applications list in Ziflow

If you want, you can also rename the Slack account inside Ziflow.

Renaming Slack connection in Ziflow

Additional information:

  • Now you have added Slack to your Ziflow connections, you can start using the functionality alongside the other Zibots to automate tasks and update Slack.

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