Managing Flows
Manage flows from the Connect tab.
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Summary: Any Flows that are created by you or other members of your team are available by clicking on the Connect tab. Once you are inside the Flow list you have the ability to edit, filter, check history, clone, activate, and deactivate flows and also delete flows.

Where is the feature setup? To view the flow list, please click on the Connect tab. All users on Business and Enterprise editions.

How does it work?

The screenshot below highlights the areas you can see in the Flow list along with an explanation of the functionality.

Flow list overview
  1. Filters - there are three types of filters the user can choose from: All flows, Active flows, Inactive flows.

  2. Search - If you have many Flows, the search bar is a handy tool to find the flow you are looking for very quickly. As you type in the search bar, it will display the results in real time.

  3. View details - This option will redirect you to the flow summary, the flow summary is where you can preview your flow settings.

  4. Edit flow - This option will redirect you to the flow settings. From this level, you can preview and apply any required changes.

  5. See history - The See history button gives you a full history of what files the flow has processed. You can check if a flow worked successfully or if it encountered any problems. The history will show the name of the file along with the steps in the flow. As the file progresses through the flow, a green line will appear under the step that was successful. If any part of the Flow fails, then a red line will be placed underneath the part of the flow that failed.

    Flow history in Ziflow

  6. Clone - The Clone option is very useful if you want to copy an existing flow before making some amendments - all the configuration settings will be copied, and the flow's name will be the same with the word “(clone)” added to the end. Now simply rename your flow and amend any settings.

    Flow that was created using clone option in Ziflow

  7. Delete - This will remove the flow from the Ziflow application, and it cannot be recovered. Only the flow creator can delete a flow. (The Team admin can deactivate it but cannot delete it).

  8. Switch on/off - This option allows you to switch a flow on and off without deleting it. This option is useful if you want to stop files from being processed on a temp basis.

Additional Information:

  • When a flow is activated by an event, you will be able to see the progress of the flow in real time. A spinning circle will appear next to the flow that is being executed along with an arrow symbol (see screenshot below). Click on the arrow the flow will expand to display the currently processing files.

    Flow status and progress bar

  • If your flow fails? If you see a red line underneath part of the flow, then it has failed on that part of the processing. You have the option to retry the flow.
    If the problem persists then, it could be for any number of reasons but knowing what stage the flow failed (highlighted by the red line) is very useful to narrow it down. Eg. if it failed on the Dropbox icon then perhaps your cloud storage is offline, or the folder on Dropbox has been renamed.

    If you are stuck then simply contact Ziflow Support - we love to help!

    Retry flow button in Ziflow
  • If you need to contact Ziflow Support regarding a problem, then please include a Flow ID that can be copied from the URL bar whilst viewing the Flow. (See screenshot)

    Flow ID that might be copied from the browsers URL bar

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