Summary: When creating a Flow you are asked to choose an Event that will trigger a Zibot. Currently, there are 4 different Event types to choose from. This document will go through events and setup options.

How does it work?

You have four different Event types to choose from:

  1. A file is added to a folder: eg. If a file is placed in a specific folder then run the flow.

  2. A file is modified: eg. If a file’s modification date changes then run the flow.

  3. A file is deleted from a folder: eg. If a file is deleted in a specific folder then run the flow.

  4. A new folder is created in a folder: eg. If a folder is created within another folder then run the flow.

(Events 1, 2, and 3 all have exactly the same setup options)

Below is a screenshot of what you will see if you select any of the above events (1-3).

  1. File type: Ziflow is asking if you want a specific file type to trigger off your Zibot action eg. “Only trigger the action if you detect a Word file being added to a specific folder”.
    This is a list of the file formats that are detected under each category:
    Image: "bmp","jpg","jpeg","png","gif", "tif", "tiff"
    Video: "avi","mkv","mp4","3gp","flv","m4f","mj2","mxf","ogg","ts","webm","wmv","mov","mpg"
    Sound: "m4a","mp3","ogg","aac","ac3","aiff","amr","au","flac","mka","ra","voc","wav","wma"
    Pdf: "pdf"
    Html: "html"
    Id: "indd", "indl", "indt", "indb", "inx", "idml"
    Ai: "ai", "ait"
    Photoshop: "psd"
    Powerpoint: "ppt","pptx"
    Excel: "xls","xlsx"
    Word: "doc","docx"

  2. Add custom extensions: Ziflow allows you to add a specific extension if it is not listed in our options. By doing this you are stating that any file with a .extension that you specify will kick off the Zibot action - if you drop a file into the flow without this custom extension then the flow will not start.

  3. Folder: You can navigate to your chosen folder on the filesystem that will be watched by Ziflow - when the filetype criteria are met it will execute the flow in that location. If you select the “Include Subfolders” option, then Ziflow will start the flow if the file is placed in any subfolder below the watched folder you specified.

  4. File name format: This option allows you to set more criteria for the file name before it will start the flow. You can specify that the file has to:
    • Start with
    • End with
    • Contain string
    • Match regular expression
    Simply select your criteria and then fill in the requirement (eg. file name must start with job number 1234).

  5. File uploaded: This option allows you to set even more criteria by only allowing the flow to run if the file is uploaded by a certain user in Ziflow. (see below)

A new folder is created in a folder

This is the only event that has different settings. If you select “A new folder is created in a folder” you will see the following:

With this setting, you only need to specify the path of where you want the flow to be active. As the flow is dealing with folders only there is no need for any filetype information.

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