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Creative Collaboration With Figma Projects
Creative Collaboration With Figma Projects

Learn how Figma design files can be uploaded into Ziflow.

Updated over a week ago

Ziflow supports proofing Figma URLs only as live websites. You should only insert Figma links to Ziflow in the following manner:

Create a website proof out of Figma URL

This article outlines how described functionality appears and operates in the old layout. If you are using Dashboard 2.0, please refer to the corresponding article in the Help Center.

Please also note that Ziflow will successfully process Figma URLs under these conditions:

  • The Figma URL that is placed in Ziflow must be available publicly. This means that the URL must have the following setting enabled.

    Figma URL that is publicly available

  • The proxy setting (Settings-> Proofing Settings -> Proof Viewer -> Other options) on the Ziflow side needs to be disabled before submitting a proof.

    Proxy settings needs to be disabled before creating Figma website proof in Ziflow


Supporting materials:

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