How Do I Connect Ziflow with Notion

Connecting Ziflow to Notion

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Getting Your API Key & Connecting Your Page

Go to Settings at the top left of your Notion.

Next, go to My Connections and "Develop or manage integrations".

Click on create new integration and fill in the required info.

If you don’t see any options in the Associate workspace drop down it’s because you’re not an owner on any workspaces, you need to be an owner in order to create an integration for a workspace.

After you click “Submit” you’ll get your “Internal Integration Token” aka API Key.

In order to be able to use your API key to send updates to a particular page in Notion, you need to add the “Connection” to the page you want to update.

Click the 3 dots on the top right of the page, Add Connections, select the Integration you just created.

Finding your Database ID

New Proof Add Database Row

For Notion purposes, Database = Table



"parent": {
"type": "database_id",
"database_id": "JyFykVNLJIkq2cwLjrhOWb4kquzMbLcF"},
"properties": {
"Proof Name": {"title": [{"text": {"content": "{$}"}}]},
"Proof Link": {"url": "{$.proof.public_link}"},
"Version": {"rich_text": [{"text": {"content": "v{$.proof.version}"}}]},
"Proof Status": {"select": {"name": "In Progress"}}

Result looks like this in Notion:

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