Share Files With Dropbox Team Members Zibot

Share a Dropbox file automatically when files are added, removed, or modified inside your Dropbox account.

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Summary: This Zibot will automatically share files with a preselected list of contacts about files being added/removed or modified inside your Dropbox account. The Zibot can be used in a single flow or as part of a multi-step flow.

Where is the feature setup? The Share a file with Dropbox link Zibot can be applied inside the Zibot step when creating or amending a Flow. Ziflow is able to automatically send email notifications based on your cloud storage events.

Please Note: The file with Dropbox team members Zibot will only display if you are connected to a Dropbox Business account and It will not show if you are using Dropbox Personal. It will also not show if you have not connected Dropbox Business to Ziflow.

Follow instructions on:

Share a file with Dropbox team members Zibot Event configuration

Before you create your first automation, you'll need to connect your Dropbox Businesses. Start by entering the Connect tab and pressing a Create flow button located in the right upper corner of a dashboard. Name your flow (eg. Share a file with the management team about any PDF file being removed from Dropbox) and select a previously added cloud storage connection. Alternatively, you can add a new cloud connection from this page as well.

Next, select type of the event that is going to trigger the automation:

There are 4 types of events who can choose from (4th one which is New folder is created is dedicated for other Zibots):

  1. File is added to a folder - select this event if you want to share files being uploaded to the storage.

  2. File is modified - select this event if you want to share files that are being modified (e.g. name is changed).

  3. File is deleted - select this event if you want to share files that are removed from the storage.

  4. New folder is created - select this event if you want to share the folder being created in the storage.

Let's now Set up details for your event. Please see "Understanding event settings" for more information.

The above settings let you narrow down files that will trigger the automation later on. You can decide which files, uploaded where and by whom will trigger later actions. Once you're done with adjusting the trigger settings, click the Next button and proceed with the Zibot configuration.

Share a file with Dropbox team members Zibot configuration

You'll be presented with a list of available Zibots, select the Share a file with Dropbox team members option.

When you select the Share a file with Dropbox team members action as part of your flow, you will see the following window.

  1. Source file - Ziflow is asking what the input file will be ie. the file you want to share with your Dropbox team member/s. You have two options.

    File that triggered this flow - this means a file that is moved/changed or created in a certain location is the source file.

    File that is the result of the previous action - this option will become available if you have set up a multi-stage flow. It is basically asking if the input file will be coming from a previous action in the flow.

  2. Dropbox team members -Here you can select who in your Dropbox Business account you wish to share the file with. As you start typing Ziflow will display and filter the team members simply click on what you want to add (you can add multiple people).

  3. Access Level - Select from:

    • Owner: The owner can view, edit permissions, invite additional people and transfer ownership to someone else. This is the default role for whoever initially shares a folder in Dropbox.

    • Editor: The editor can add, edit and delete files just like the owner and is typically the default setting for people you invite inside Dropbox.

    • Viewer: The viewer option is a limited role that does not allow anything other than viewing the file.

    Please note: The Owner, Editor, and Viewer permissions are Dropbox permissions and are not controlled by Ziflow.

  4. Send Dropbox email - If you select this option then Dropbox will notify users that a file or folder has been shared with them. This notification is coming directly from Dropbox.

Additional information:

  • If you connect Dropbox Business to Ziflow you MUST have the same email address in both Ziflow and Dropbox Business for the connection to work properly (without this you will not be able to see your files on Dropbox Business) - This is a Dropbox Business requirement and out or the control of Ziflow.

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