Summary: Sometimes it is necessary to delete a proof that is no longer relevant or perhaps you are clearing out your old projects. The delete proof options make this process easy, but it is necessary to point out some important information.

Available for: This option is only available to Proof Owners or users with Manage permissions for all versions of the proof you wish to delete.

Where is the feature applied? If you are the Proof Owner, the feature is automatically applied. Reviewers that are granted the Manage when creating a new proof will also have the ability to delete proofs.

Reviewer with manage permissions in Ziflow

How does it work?

The Delete proof option is available from two locations:

  1. The bulk actions menu is found inside your Proof List as shown below.

    Deleting proofs using bulk actions menu

  2. The Proof Details page is accessed by clicking on the Proof Details button inside the Proof List.

    Deleting proofs from proof details level in Ziflow

If you decide to delete a proof, it is important to note that …

  1. On the Proof Details page, you can select to delete only the last version of the proof or remove the whole project. Please note that if you click a Delete button from a Proof List level, the proofing project will be deleted entirely.

  2. If a reviewer opens a deleted proof or somebody is currently working on that proof when it is deleted he or she will see the following warning message.

    Proof deleted screen

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